Electric actuator solutions for pergolas


Linear Actuator Solutions For Pergolas

- Clever control with system solutions

Easy regulation of shading for optimal comfort is everything to Pergola customers. The mere purpose of pergolas is to ensure a comfortable environment outside, even when the sun is high in the sky and blazing down.

As a pergola customer, you want to be able to regulate the blinds quickly and easily by simply pushing a button on a remote control, a hand control or perhaps even on an app in your smartphone.

TECHLINE® actuator systems provide high-quality, maintenance-free electric linear movement for pergolas, as well as a wide variety of control options, making it easy for pergola producers to accommodate the wishes of the customers.

LINAK delivers complete system solutions for pergola systems that are easy to install, are maintenance-free and fit directly into the pergola. They are low on noise, have low power consumption and are capable of withstanding even extreme weather conditions.

The systems are Plug & Play and are extremely easy to install. See here how easy the connection of the system is.

The variety of control options ranges from different remote controls, a selection of hand controls or app control on smartphones via Bluetooth technology.

Learn more about system solutions from TECHLINE here.

Please contact LINAK TECHLINE for specifications and even more actuator solutions for pergolas.


TECHLINE system solutions

TECHLINE system solutions

Learn about Plug & Play System Solutions from TECHLINE in this folder.

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TECHLINE system solutions

Focus on Pergolas

Pergolas provide shading when the sun is high in the sky. Learn how system solutions from LINAK ensure quick and easy control of pergola solar shading systems. 

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