Automation of Sulky fertiliser spreader

LINAK actuators play a large role in many applications involving precision farming.

For example, only by an exact and automated regulation of slide controls can the fertiliser mixture be administered accurately.

With Econov, the time for opening and closing the shutter slide on the field boundary side of the X40 or X50 centrifugal fertiliser control can be regulated automatically. Optimisation of the work width can occur in real time.

No more manual control by eye - time for precision!

For this purpose, the machine is connected to a tracking device of the latest generation, as well as a GPS antenna for location determination in the field.

Through close collaboration, LINAK and Sulky F&E have succeeded in automating all the control processes involved with the fertiliser spreaders. Using multiple integrated LINAK electric actuators and a connection technique developed by Sulky.

Opening and closing of the intake and the regulation for the quantity of administered fertiliser (corresponding to the driving speed and the number of partial widths) occurs by actuators adapted to the conditions of the work environment.

The Sulky X40 and X50 spreaders belong to a series that incorporates a Tribord 3Di system on the right spreading disk for remote controlled fertilisation of boundaries. A LINAK actuator shifts the issuing points for the fertiliser to a special shovel for fertilising along boundaries.

Precision and simplicity of control for the Sulky spreader along with the reliability and accuracy of the LINAK actuator element are thus interlinked.

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