more comfort and human engineering

Jeantil places a great emphasis of value on innovative solutions that provide the farmer with a larger number of advantages.

For Jeantil, it is important that the daily work of the farmer occurs efficiently, comfortably and with due consideration given to ergonomic factors.

Through good collaboration between Jeantil's development department and LINAK, a perfect technical design for an automation was worked out. A solution that makes the worm gear in the feed mix wagon easier.

Both companies decided to use the compact and easy to integrate LA12 actuator. The farmer can set the preferred rotation speed for comminuting and mixing the feed. Directly from the driver's cabin of the tractor. This saves time and is an ergonomic and comfortable solution.

This mechanism provides an inexpensive solution that is qualitatively comparable to hydraulics. The robust housing is also dust resistant and can provide a level of protection corresponding to IP66 dynamic and IP69K static.

Jeantil, a French family company, hase been producing agricultural equipment since the beginning of the 20th century.

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