Linear Actuator Solutions For Slurry Tanks

slurry tanks

Linear actuator solutions for slurry tanks

Manure management is dirty, dangerous work in a harsh environment. The fumes alone require tough and robust equipment as well as automated processes to assist the farmer in the handling of the organic fertiliser.

TECHLINE Electric actuator solutions can give the farmer the opportunity to handle the manure from a safe distance by a simple touch of a button.

Transferring manure from tanks to silos and from silos to biogas plants is made easy and safe with actuator operated valves. LINAK provides the ultimate solutions for efficient manure handling.
  • Simple opening and closing of valves on the manure spreader, operated from the cabin of the tractor for better working environment
  • IP69K protection for the extreme manure environment
  • Operating butterfly valves and knife valves at a safe distance when transferring manure from a slurry tank to e.g. a biogas plant

TECHLINE offers a wide range of flexible actuator systems. They all present excellent price performance ratio because of easy mounting, no maintenance and long lifetime.

Please contact LINAK TECHLINE for specifications and even more actuator solutions for slurry tanks and other farming equipment.

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