LINAK TECHLINE® electric actuators are extremely flexible and versatile. There really is no end to the list of possible applications of an actuator system if you need simple, safe movement that is easily and accurately controlled. Just let us know if you have an altogether new idea or an existing product you believe could be improved by movement.
The TECHLINE team of engineers and consultants work closely together with you as a customer to come up with innovative new actuator solutions in all sorts of industries and businesses. You can benefit from their vast product and application expertise every step of the way.
Browse our website to get an idea of just how versatile the TECHLINE range of actuators and solutions are. Each of our biggest areas of business have their own page, but we do business in a lot of other industries.
Traffic management systems are a growing area. Trucks are another. All imaginable kinds of lifts and platforms are a third. TECHLINE also supplies solutions for trains, and for all kinds of automated valves.
The list simply just goes on and on. Contact TECHLINE and let us add your special application.

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