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Position feedback

Achieve optimal performance in your application by always knowing the actuator position.


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Position feedback from the actuator will give you a precise overview of its position. This feedback is essential for achieving optimal performance in most applications. This is part of the LINAK® I/O™ interface and is one out of several options that can be added to your actuator to harvest the benefits of smart linear movement.

Below you get an overview of the features you obtain with Position feedback. These can all be configured in our supporting configurator Actuator Connect™.


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Actuators with IC Integrated Controller™ from LINAK® are flexible and can be adapted to special customer requirements and needs. Configure your actuator via the intuitive Actuator Connect™ configurator.

Download a free version of the latest Actuator Connect configurator here.


Read out the actuator position

- as a differential analogue position feedback

Analogue signals are a common type of feedback for control systems in industrial applications.

LINAK can supply your control system with either current (mA) or voltage (V) feedback. The default ranges are 4-20 mA or 0-10 V. It is also possible to customise the range for the output signals, which makes it easier to integrate into your control.

The actuator positioning is based on a differential analogue position feedback, which means that the feedback circuit is supplied separately ensuring a stable output. It also allows longer cables in industrial environments without compromising signal quality.

Choose to scale the feedback signal when configuring a virtual limit to ensure that the feedback output is adjusted according to the new end stop.


Configure the two digital outputs exactly to your needs

- with several digital position output options

The actuator offers several digital position output options, which can be configured exactly to your needs.

Single Hall XOR and dual Hall are offered as alternatives to the analogue position feedback if your application relies on a digital signal. These are accurate position feedback signals that are not affected by external noise, such as from other components in the machinery.

As either a supplement to the analogue position feedback or a stand-alone feature, you can choose end stop signals that give a signal when the actuator is fully retracted or extended. It is also possible to receive digital signals when the actuator is running – something that can be used for instance to turn on an LED to indicate that something is moving in the application.

In some cases, it might be beneficial to know when the actuator reaches a predefined end stop zone. This feature allows you to define a zone where the actuator can send a digital signal when it is inside the zone or at a current limit in this zone. This means that you are no longer forced to design your application so that the physical end stop must be reached before receiving a signal in your PLC.

For most of these digital signals, you can choose between an active high or active low signal for easier integration in your application.


Explore the Position Feedback features of an I/O actuator


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I/O™ brochure

With the game-changing flexibility of a universal LINAK I/O interface, bringing innovative actuator ideas to life is simpler and more agile.

I/O™ interface user manual

This user manual will tell you about the functionality of our LINAK I/O interface.

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