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Learn about the details of the actuator performance in your application with real-time and historic usage data.


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Monitor can provide real-time and historic usage data for useful insight. The data can be used to learn more about how the actuator performs in your application. This is part of the LINAK® I/O™ interface and is one of several options you can add to your actuator to harvest the benefits of smart linear movement.

Below you get a summary of the features you can obtain with Monitor. These can all be configured in our supporting configurator Actuator Connect™.


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Actuators with IC Integrated Controller™ from LINAK® are flexible and can be adapted to special customer requirements and needs. Configure your actuator via the intuitive Actuator Connect™ configurator.

Download a free version of the latest Actuator Connect configurator here.


Run the actuator and monitor real-time data

- and learn whether the actuator performs as intended

In the LINAK Actuator Connect configurator, it is possible to find real-time graphs showing power consumption, temperature, position etc. that can be especially valuable in the prototype phase.

By conducting actuator test runs, you get an indication of whether the initial calculations have resulted in the correct actuator specifications.

You can analyse these data to determine if the actuator fits your application or if it needs further adjustment to run smoother in order to extend the service life.


Get a brief overview of the most important historic usage data

- which is stored inside the actuator

From the first time your actuator powers on, usage data is collected and stored internally throughout the actuator lifetime and can be read out.

While real-time data provides a good snapshot of a few parameters, the historical data gives you in-depth knowledge about performance over time.

By analysing these data, you can support continuous improvements after field testing or further development of existing machinery.


Export a PDF with comprehensive usage data

- from the entire lifespan of the actuator

It is possible to download a complete report as a PDF with general information about the actuator (type, position, last known status etc.) and comprehensive usage data that summarise all stored historical data (incl. error logs) over the entire lifespan of the actuator. Use this to analyse the performance of one actuator or compare several actuators.

The PDF also contains the actual wiring diagram and software configuration which can be used if you want to order new actuators or simply as a starting point for a technical discussion with your local LINAK contact.


Go beyond position feedback

- and use the analogue or digital output to monitor real-time current consumption or temperature

Just like we offer real-time charts, you can get real-time information about the actuator’s power consumption and temperature via an analogue or digital signal – directly to your PLC.

Here, an interval is defined and if the values are exceeded, a signal will be sent to the controller. It is up to you to decide how you will use this information – potentially related to changes in the usage pattern.


Explore the Monitor features of an I/O actuator


Learn more about our I/O interface here or the other I/O options below.


I/O™ brochure

With the game-changing flexibility of a universal LINAK I/O interface, bringing innovative actuator ideas to life is simpler and more agile.

I/O™ interface user manual

This user manual will tell you about the functionality of our LINAK I/O interface.

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