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Why choose an adjustable bed?

Six everyday reasons to get an adjustable bed, no matter your age.

Adjustable beds are for everybody
Regardless of who you are, how old or young you are, whether you feel healthy or your body aches, whether you are single or part of a family – an adjustable bed (also called ‘an elevation bed’) will provide additional comfort in your daily life. Some things will become easier and more comfortable, while others may give you options that you never thought of.

Experience the added comfort of an adjustable bed when you want to ….

Why choose an adjustable bed

make your mornings special.
The best days are those when you can sleep until late in the morning. An adjustable bed allows you to convert your bed into a cosy breakfast lounge in just a few seconds.

Simply raise the back and avoid having to stack extra pillows behind you for support.

Why choose an adjustable bed

find comfort during pregnancy.
A pregnancy can be quite exhausting. Sometimes sleep feels impossible and getting in and out of bed can become a struggle.

Simply adjust the legs or back to achieve the comfort you need – to sleep, rest a sore back or tired legs, and to get in and out of bed.

Why choose an adjustable bed

have bonding moments with your child.
Whether you are nursing your newborn or enjoying a beautiful bonding moment, comfort is essential. Day or night, you need to be able to find a posture that allows you to create the necessary comfort for you and your child – sometimes for several hours at a time. Simply elevate the legs, raise the backrest in your elevation bed, and create the best possible moment.

Why choose an adjustable bed

Rest and recover after exercise.
It is a well-known fact that allowing your body to recover properly after hard exercise is as important as the exercise itself. Raise the leg support and provide a better recovery position for tired legs.

Why choose an adjustable bed

relax or work.
Perhaps you need to check an email or read the brief for tomorrow’s meeting one last time. Perhaps you just want to read another chapter of a novel you are currently enjoying. Whatever the reason, you might be better off in a comfortable position with a firm back support and your feet up. With an elevation bed you can do all of this at the push of a button.

Why choose an adjustable bed

stop the snoring.
Maybe you know the situation? Your partner snores and keeps you awake all night. One of the simplest ways to minimise snoring is to ease the breathing by adjusting the backrest upwards – often as little as four inches is enough. With low-noise adjustable beds, you can help you and your partner – even without waking him or her first!


Choose an adjustable bed to improve the comfort of your life.

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Why choose an adjustable bed?

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Why choose an adjustable bed?

Learn the six everyday reasons to get an electrical adjustable comfort bed, no matter what your age. The extra convenience and flexibility of an electrical adjustable comfort bed makes many experiences much more comfortable.

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