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Deep-sleep mode: optimising a battery for storage and transport

The BA002 battery box for recliner actuator systems comes with an integrated feature we call deep-sleep mode. This feature allows us to put the battery in a suspended state for transport and extended storage.

BA002 battery box being packed into a box for transport while in deep-sleep mode

A low-power value chain

With a battery-operated recliner, you can place your recliner wherever you want – without having to worry about messy cables or near-by wall sockets. However, the main issue with traditional batteries is that they can self-discharge in storage, retail stores or in the customer’s home. So we have looked into how we can solve the issue of a battery discharging quickly after leaving our factory. This is where the deep-sleep mode came into the picture.


What is deep-sleep mode?

Deep-sleep mode is a state the battery goes into after a certain time of inactivity. This is to conserve power and make sure that it retains the charge you need for a long time after it leaves our factory. When it is not connected to a system, it takes 65 minutes to go into deep-sleep mode.


However, if it is connected to a system it takes approximately 40 days of inactivity before it goes into deep-sleep mode. This prevents the BA002 battery from completely discharging as it goes through the steps of leaving production, undergoing assembly in furniture, and being put in extended storage.


Charging the entire value chain to 100 percent

The benefits of something as simple as this are massive. Everyone in the value chain benefits. Not only does deep-sleep mode eliminate the need for regularly have to recharge batteries or chairs in storage, it also means that these things can be used directly from storage, assembly or transport.

For retail stores, this solution means that they avoid selling a unit with a discharged battery to a consumer. A hassle-free process of charging and using the chair will ultimately improve their brand reputation and thereby their customer satisfaction.


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