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Standing desks elevate a start-up

With a genuinely global presence and local understanding, LINAK helps customers grow their market, both locally and globally thanks to worldwide support and close customer proximity.

Image of various BULDESK standing desks - power by LINAK lifting columns

As a global supplier, LINAK® has subsidiaries all around the world. In smaller or evolving markets, LINAK services clients through a network of dedicated sales engineers who are ready to help customers reach their full potential.

From the largest companies to individual entrepreneurs, LINAK ensures their virtual doors are always open - and all contacts are followed up by a locally experienced representative.


Standing desks are a growing business

“It is extremely exciting to watch markets grow,” says LINAK International Sales Engineer, Maria Lametsch Eskjær. “And being part of that growth at a local level is where LINAK can really make a difference. The fact that our customers do not have to order a container load of electric lifting systems, but can get just what they require, has opened the door to many interesting projects, which we have seen mature over a relatively short time, from entrepreneurial scale to international businesses,” she adds.

A good example of how LINAK has nurtured local potential is to be found in Bulgaria, a country with a growing international reputation in the fields of IT, technology, and software. The accompanying economic shift has led to increased productivity, innovation, and competitiveness – providing the ideal environment for an entrepreneurial mindset.


Electrical lifting solutions help win tenders

Back in 2015, an ambitious engineering student, Tsvetomir Pantaleev, tentatively contacted LINAK searching for linear actuators to equip his university graduation project – the design of a high-quality height adjustable desk. With help from LINAK, he found a complete, electrical lifting system. On completing his course with honours, he began building his business. But this was just the beginning.

“It was obvious to us that Tsvetomir had the determination and dedication needed to make his business a success. From our side, we offered sparring, regular visits and the benefit of our global experience. It was a productive partnership,” says Maria.

In 2018 his company, BULDESK, won its first major project for a global brand wishing to establish itself in Bulgaria. To deliver the quality and quantity required, Tsvetomir teamed up with LINAK to build an innovatively designed product that went on to win the tender. The final project required equipping 96 workplaces with standing desks for the company’s new Bulgarian office. The installation was completed in just two days.

Tsvetomir Pantaleev, founder of BULDESK, next to a LINAK powered electric height-adjustable bench desk system on casters

BULDESK standing desks installed in a modern office.


Plug & Play™ make assembly faster

Tsvetomir attributes his ability to consistently win large tenders to the unique design and reliability of his desks and the flexibility and durability of the LINAK lifting systems he chooses. The components’ Plug & Play™ modular system makes assembly fast and safe, which is also important in completing a project speedily and on time. Always bringing a desk to a tender is essential, as it allows potential customers to see the unique design first-hand and experience how fast and easy it is to assemble and put into use. With the quality of LINAK components, he can also confidently offer a warranty of 10 years.

A wide range of sit-stand desks with privacy walls in an open office
With LINAK, Tsvetomir Pantaleev created a prototype, which included DL6 columns with bench brackets and a stabilising bar between the legs of the desk to reduce the lateral movement. Another improvement was T-shaped feet for the lifting columns for extra stability – the design is now registered with the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

“BULDESK is just one example of how the combination of our global experience and local flexibility can help our customers reach their full potential,” says Maria. “The ability to scale and grow as we follow a customer’s journey is key to success – but for us, dialogue is always the most important way to navigate forwards. From manufacturers to designers and architects, and occasionally an ambitious college undergraduate, we are always ready to have a conversation and share our knowledge,” offers Maria Lametsch Eskjær.


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