OpenBus is a platform upon which you can add new features. This brings more value to your application. Besides, once you have OpenBus in your application, you can upgrade it to meet the future demands for new functions or services realised on the application. The microprocessor is open to “talk” to other systems and products. It is a genuine modular system with a high degree of flexibility.

Attendant Controls
Attendant Controls - Nurse control, Lock functions, Improved safety
A panel for the nurse to control the bed and lock various functions, optimising the safety issue when handling patients. 
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Hand Controls
A handset with backlight makes it easier for the patient and the hospital staff to find and use the handset in darkness.
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Flexible Patient Panel
A handset on a flexible arm, making it possible to operate the bed easily.
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Cleaning Indicator
Cleaning Indicator - Time to clean the bed, Improved hygiene, Helps prevent spread of bacteria
A feature that tells you when it is time to clean the application. This enables nurses and hospital porters to spend their time on patients instead of procedures. Controlled by a timer function and/or temperature. Can be combined with Service Indicator.
Service Indicator
Service Indicator - Time to service, Improved maintenance, Helps prevent breakdowns
A feature that tells you when it is time to make preventative maintenance of the application, which will minimise the rate of breakdowns, leading to a more optimised patient flow. Controlled by number of washes and/or a timer. Can be combined with Cleaning Indicator.
Infrared - Avoid cables, Helps prevent falling accidents, Nurse independence
Infrared Receiver OpenBus – A wireless handset to avoid cables and to improve the flexibility of the nurse.
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Service Data Tool
Service Data Tool - Easy fault finding, Improved maintenance, Helps prevent breakdowns
A tool for the Service Technician to make a fast and easy service check on the application, without spending time on manual fault finding and condition check.
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Under Bed Light
Under Bed Light - Light up, Helps prevent falling accidents, Improved comfort
A feature that lights up under the bed, to decrease falling accidents and improve safety and comfort to the patient.
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USB Power supply
Charge gadgets easily at application side , Improved comfort
A power source available for various devices.
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Connect to a Nurse call system, Service call via handset.
An interface to the “world around” the application, brings the data to the users.
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DJB - Accessibility, Modularity, Flexibility 
The DJB (DIN Junction Box) is designed for use together with OpenBus™ control boxes. The DJB makes it possible to connect handsets, attendant controls and accessories with the OpenBus control boxes.
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MJB Gateway 
MJB - Accessibility, Modularity, Flexibility.  
The MJB Modular Junction Box is designed for use together with OpenBus™ control boxes. The MJB makes it possible to connect handsets, attendant controls and accessories with the OpenBus control boxes.
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Third Party Products

As OpenBus is open for adding new features on the application, LINAK makes it possible for you to add on value adding services from 3rd party suppliers. We have tested a number of products that are compatible with our solution. A list of recommended suppliers is made. Please contact LINAK about more details. Currently, these features are available:

Fast weighing, Less manual work, Patient can stay in bed, Optimized care.
Integrated scale in the bed. Weigh the patient fast and easily, avoiding hard manual work.
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Bedside light
Bedside light - Easy access to light
Easy accessible light, Available for multiple working routines, Less falling accidents, With time possible to combine with out of bed.
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Out of bed detection
Get an alarm if the patient leaves the bed, Increased safety, Avoid falling accidents.
A sensor in the bed, telling that the patient has left the bed.
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