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Today both disabled people and the elderly wish to maintain a mobile, comfortable, independent lifestyle even if they are walking impaired. This is why the market for motorised multifunctional wheelchairs is steadily growing as the world population is rapidly ageing.
As a wheelchair manufacturer, you need to focus on both reliability and comfort to stay ahead of the competition. You need strong, small and quiet electric actuators with low energy consumption to perform smooth and accurate adjustment of backrest and leg rest as well as height adjustment.
This is exactly what you get from LINAK MEDLINE® & CARELINE®. We provide small low noise actuators with excellent hall or hall potentiometer positioning to ensure safe and efficient movement.
Contact MEDLINE & CARELINE with your needs and wishes. We have more than 30 years of experience supplying actuators for advanced wheelchair solutions. In fact, actuators for wheelchairs are where it all began for LINAK.

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