Electric Adjustable Couches/Tables

electric couches/tables

Improve Ergonomics with Electric Adjustment of Couches/Tables

With more and more patients to care for, the healthcare sector is looking for ways to improve the working environment of nursing staff, doctors and treatment providers. Back pain and disorders are very common health problems among nurses and doctors. That is why improved ergonomics and flexible easily controlled electric adjustment of treatment and examination couches/tables are obvious focus areas.

If you need to add safe, reliable and easily controlled adjustment to a couch/table to maintain your position in today’s market MEDLINE® & CARELINE® will help you come up with a fitted solution.
LINAK has more than 30 years of experience as a high-quality supplier of approved electric actuator solutions for the hospital and healthcare equipment industry. Whether you need a simple, reliable electric height adjustment solution or an advanced innovative actuator system with value-adding features via OpenBus™ technology MEDLINE & CARELINE is there for you.
Please contact MEDLINE & CARELINE and let us know what you need to stay on top of the competition. We believe that the best solutions for examination and treatment couches/tables, come from a close cooperation between you and our experienced consultants and engineers.

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Electric Couch/Table Systems

System example for electric couches/tables
Whether you like a basic system for your treatment and examination couch/table, or an advanced customised solution we have the right system for you. Learn more about couch/table actuator systems » 

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