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electric Patient lifts

Secure safe patient handling with actuator solutions for electric patient lifts

Mobile electric patient lifts and sit-to-stand lifts improve the lives of both nurses and patients, as long as they are safe, reliable and easy to handle.
This is why all serious manufacturers of patient lifts focus on safety and reliability. Of course, you have to fulfil the approved norm, but in order to maintain a good reputation among nurses and patients you are well advised to set your standards even higher.
The LINAK actuator solutions for patient lifts gives you a wide selection of lifting actuators, leg spread actuators, hand controls and control boxes. All components are tested to meet LINAK standards and the norm requirements.

Features like intelligent service monitoring, simple and precise adjustment of safe working load according to EN10535, soft start and stop, battery status indication and much more might very well give you the competitive edge in the future.

Contact LINAK MEDLINE® & CARELINE® with your needs and ideas to improve mobile patient lifts and sit-to-stand lifts, and together we will come up with a perfect solution.

Safe Patient Handling and Movement

Hospitals and nursing homes all over the world are introducing Safe Patient Handling and Movement programs adopting no-lift policies for nurses. The reasons are obvious. Back injuries caused by lifting and moving patients make nursing one of the most dangerous occupations. Many nurses suffer from backaches and disorders and every year a number of nurses have to leave the job because of serious injuries.

This puts the focus on electric patient lifts and sit-to-stand lifts as one of the most efficient and flexible ways to secure safe handling and movement of patients both in hospitals, nursing homes and private homes. With a mobile floor lift it is both safe and easy to move a patient from the bed to a wheelchair and from the wheelchair to the toilet.
LINAK MEDLINE & CARELINE has the worldwide representation and technical capacity to meet even the highest demands.

Please learn more in JUMBO means safe patient handling.

System example for Patient lifts
Whether you like a basic system for your patient lift, or an advanced system we have the right system for you. Learn more about patient lift systems »

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