Adjustable Nursing Home Beds

Nursing home beds


In many countries, the average age of the population is rapidly increasing. With more residents to care for nursing homes are being further pressured by the efficiency drive in the hospital sector. New policies such as same-day treatment and short-term hospitalisation mean that nursing home residents need more and different care than before.
In a nursing home, the bed is to fulfil the needs of the future it has to become more like an intelligent hospital bed. Electrical adjustment provides comfort for residents that require long periods of bed rest. It also improves ergonomics for the caretaker. But, why not take intelligent multi-functionality a step further?
It would surely make a bed more interesting to a nursing home if it could signal if a resident leaves the bed or wets the bed. Safety features like Nurse Call and Under Bed Light are bound to attract attention. Not to mention automatic service monitoring to make sure that the bed stays in top shape for many years. A welcome feature as most nursing homes need to keep very close track of the cost-efficiency of their investments.

Innovation comes from cooperation

The serious challenges facing the healthcare sector call out for innovation and new ideas. This is why LINAK MEDLINE® & CARELINE® has already prepared to build all kinds of features into nursing home beds with our OpenBus™ actuator systems solutions.
The MEDLINE & CARELINE range of electric linear actuators, control boxescontrols and accessories present you with all the freedom and flexibility you need to make almost any idea come true. Our well-tested and documented quality ensures that you get a safe, reliable solution that will fit into your application.
If you have an idea that could improve your bed to give you a competitive advantage by relieving some of the pressure on the nursing homes in the future, do not hesitate to contact LINAK.

All members of the MEDLINE & CARELINE team of engineers and consultants have immense product and application expertise and we believe that all truly innovative solutions come from a close cooperation with our customers.

Nursing Home Bed Systems

System example for Nursing Home Beds
There are many possible ways of combining the optimal system solution for Nursing Home Beds and hereby perfect movement. Learn more about nursing home bed systems »

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