Adjustable Hospital Beds

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There are more beds in a hospital than doctors and nurses. In the future, there will be even fewer doctors and nurses to take care of growing patient numbers. In this scenario it makes sense to try to change the hospital bed into a much more active and efficient piece of equipment to help save time and resources.
If you can make a hospital bed that can reduce a number of time-consuming routine tasks for the nursing staff, you will stand a good chance to keep up with the competition in the future. If at the same time your hospital bed will help make treatment safer and more comfortable for the patient your chances are even better. You are bound to succeed if on top of it all you can make your hospital bed look after itself and signal when it needs cleaning, service or repair.
Innovation is the key to the future market. This is why LINAK MEDLINE® & CARELINE® has already built all these features and more into our OpenBus™ actuator systems solutions. If you have ideas for improving your hospital bed our experienced consultants and engineers will gladly cooperate closely to make them come true.

Global presence

The flexibility and compatibility of our wide range of products enables MEDLINE® & CARELINE® to provide safe and reliable solutions that will effortlessly fit into your application.
High-quality electric linear actuators and complete actuator systems have been our core business at LINAK for 30 years. Every component in the MEDLINE & CARELINE range of actuators, control boxes, controls and accessories has been rigorously tested to meet standards well above industry norms. If you should ever need after sales support, LINAK is present almost everywhere in the world. 

We know you need safe, reliable and innovative actuator solutions. If you also need a business partner that keeps a close watch on the market trends and the fast evolving challenges facing the hospital sector all over the world contact LINAK MEDLINE & CARELINE. We improve your life.

Hospital Bed Systems

System example for Hospital Beds
There are many possible ways of combining the optimal system solution for Hospital Beds and hereby perfect movement. Learn more about hospital bed systems »

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