Systems for Homecare Beds

Systems for homecare


Perfect match between LINAK’s product portfolio and Homecare Beds. For more than two decades, LINAK has been the innovative frontrunner in the Care Sector.
Why? – We deliver system solutions that correspond to the needs of our customers.
At LINAK, there are many possible ways of combining the optimal system solution for Homecare Beds and thereby perfect movement.
Depending on the need of our customer, we have the right product portfolio that offers great flexibility when it comes to specifying the most valuable system.

A common system for Homecare Beds

A typical system for the Care Bed consists of a control box, an actuator/column and a control (handset/attendant control)
The specification truly depends on the individual need. Focus can be on power, speed, noise, number of channel (actuators), number of accessories etc.
To inspire you, this is an example of a typical system for this segment:
-          CB6
-          4 x LA27
-          HL70

Much more than movement

Value of this system: For years, safety and ergonomics have been of utmost importance in this sector. It still is. Now, optimisation of workflows, saving time for the staff and providing more time for the patient are also key to better welfare. LINAK's systems are based on those needs.
The CB6 has many advantages in this respect. Among other things it is first failure safe, meaning unintended movements cannot occur due to a short circuit of the system. Besides, the OpenBus platform opens up for incorporating value adding features such as e.g. the Flexible Patient Panel and Easy access to the control of the bed.
Our high quality standards within our core focus, the actuators and columns, improve the quality of life for the users by improving ergonomics and providing a reliable and smooth movement in bed.  
Linear Actuator LA27C Hand Control HB80 Linear Actuator LA27C Control Box CB6S OpenBus Linear Actuator LA27C Hand Control HB80
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