Electric Actuator Solutions For Spreaders


linear Actuator solutions for spreaders

Fertiliser spreading can be a complex matter. It is all about spreading the correct amount of fertiliser all the time, to make sure the crop is not damaged in any way and to ensure the highest possible outcome. On top of that, the demands for limited use of fertiliser in order to spare the environment, is increasing.

Basically, overdosing means that the crop cannot absorb the fertiliser and it will go into the ground and potentially cause environmental damage.

Spreaders are typically used in harsh environments and the demand for robust and reliable solutions is high. If the equipment fails it can have consequences for the farmer. Therefore it is essential for the farmer to continuously have focus on precision and quality. One way to do that is by using electric linear actuators from LINAK.

The actuators on a spreader help regulate the amount of fertiliser spread onto the field and also how it is spread. This happens with the help of an overall control system which can be controlled by GPS set according to the plan of the field. Basically, the farmer sets his calibrating unit according to the field plan.

The actuators are equipped with feedback solutions e.g. potentiometer or hall potentiometer which communicates with the overall control system. That way, the spreader can dose the right amount of fertiliser for the plants to absorb, no more, no less.

Furthermore, it can make sure that the actuators close down for spreading when necessary, for example close to streams. This will make it easy for the farmer to comply with rules and regulations. Actuator solutions from LINAK add value to spreaders in a number of ways:
  • Easy installation and adjustment – simple communication unit as well as interface for control
  • Reliable in extreme temperatures – LINAK actuators go through thorough climatic testing
  • The actuators ability to handle relevant chemicals is tested thoroughly
  • Automatic regulation instead of manual operation – makes it easy for the farmer to concentrate on driving

Electric actuator systems offer great flexibility when it comes to interfacing with control systems and data bus communication systems. Positioning is very accurate and superior to other actuator solutions.

Please contact LINAK TECHLINE for specifications and even more actuator solutions for spreaders and other farming equipment.

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