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A physical disability does not necessarily mean that the disabled person becomes less active. Very often, however, it does mean that he or she gets less mobile and reduced mobility can seriously limit the level of activity.
From the very beginning LINAK has had a special focus on how electric linear actuators can aid the disabled both in and outside their homes. TECHLINE® has a wide range of low voltage actuators for all kinds of safe reliable car applications to improve the lives of disabled persons by improving their mobility.
TECHLINE electric actuator systems will lift up to 1,000 kg. They provide fast and steady movement easily operated by means of hand control, remote control or switches. Electric actuators offer a high degree of safety and extra safety features can be supplied if needed.
TECHLINE electric actuator solutions for cars are designed to withstand vibrations and rugged conditions. They are easy to install and they fit immediately to the electrical system of the vehicle. Compared to hydraulics an actuator solution is maintenance-free and offers an overall better price performance ratio.


The list of possible applications in an adapted vehicle is already quite long and it keeps growing. At TECHLINE we are involved developing innovative new ideas and solutions in close cooperation with our customers. If you have an idea for how to improve the mobility and comfort of disabled persons in adapted vehicles that involves movement TECHLINE will gladly help you develop it.
TECHLINE electric actuators have been tested and approved for all sorts of platforms and lifts as well as remote controlled doors, steps and railings. Linear actuators are also used for all kinds of adjustment of seats, steering wheel, gear shift etc. You can even have individual automatic settings for a disabled person and a helper, as electric actuators provide excellent positioning feedback and easy integration with control systems.

At TECHLINE we take the LINAK promise seriously. You will find that every member of the TECHLINE team of engineers and consultants not only has vast product and application knowledge everyone single of them is truly dedicated to improve lives. Please contact LINAK TECHLINE. 

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