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The main concerns when considering an electric actuator solution for heavy-duty construction machinery and off-highway equipment are durability and reliability.
These machines must work relentlessly in all kinds of weather and withstand dust, dirt and rough handling. Any failure could put both people and values at risk. Not to mention the often costly delays caused by failing equipment.
We give you two good reasons why you can rest assured that your TECHLINE® actuator solution will do the job no matter what.
The first is our extensive testing programme. The second and equally important is the fact that all members of the TECHLINE team of engineers and consultants have vast product and application expertise.
We quite simply understand and respond to your needs. Our primary objective is to help improve your application to give you the competitive edge.


TECHLINE actuator systems already provide movement and adjustments in a number of different construction applications and other off-highway vehicles.
In heavy machinery electric actuators provide advanced motion control with superior position feedback for hood lifts, steps and foot boards, throttle adjustment, ergonomic positioning of steering wheel and seat, electric operation of ventilation hatches, mirrors etc.
The list of possible actuator solutions to improve ergonomics, comfort and productivity is virtually endless.
TECHLINE offers a wide range of flexible actuator systems for all needs. They all present excellent price performance ratio due to easy mounting, no maintenance and long lifetime.
Contact LINAK TECHLINE and let us improve your application together.

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