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Intelligent actuator solutions with BUS communication

LINAK® electric actuators offer a variety of integrated BUS communication protocols, enabling manufacturers to easily integrate intelligent and reliable movement with existing control systems.

Getting all the relevant data feedback from multiple sources and then utilising it effortlessly in one all-encompassing system is essential when establishing control systems in modern industrial machinery.

Whether this is achieved by running a CAN bus, LIN bus, or a Modbus setup, LINAK® IC actuators (Integrated Controller) can enable you to integrate movement fast and with relatively simple means.

Below you can find information about the four types of BUS protocols available with LINAK industry actuators and download relevant user manuals and installation guides.

CAN bus logo

CAN SAE J1939 is a standardised method for communication across ECUs (Electronic Control Units) – offering a common language across all manufacturers. The protocol is widely used in mobile off-highway machinery as it supports smart automation. Discover what CAN bus actuators can do for your industrial machinery.

Supporting literature about CAN bus:
CAN bus user manual for software version 1
CAN bus user manual for software version 3

Find out here which CAN bus version you are running.

CANopen logo

CANopen is a communication protocol that relies on the CiA 301 standard and is the main network architecture used in industries such as Railway, Agriculture, Heavy Truck & Bus, Marine, Off-Highway and Factory Automation.
CANopen user manual software version 1
Electronic Data Sheet for CANopen (.eds file)

LinBUS logo

LIN bus is a cost-effective supplement to CAN bus. The overall performance and reliability of the network is lower compared to CAN bus, but the protocol is very suitable for non-critical components (such as electric adjustment of seat and/or windows in a cabin).

Modbus logo

Modbus is a serial communication protocol used for industrial electronic devices, which is often connected to a PLC. Using Modbus makes it easy to integrate and maintain many devices on the same network. Actuators with Modbus can be used for industrial automation, solar tracking etc.

Supporting literature about Modbus:

Parameter list and explanation



Download a free BusLink software to configure your BUS actuators to fit your application.

How to configure your actuator is explained here. If you need more detailed information about electric actuators and BUS communication, please do not hesitate to contact your local LINAK office.

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With IC and BUS communication you can plug & play your way to monitoring your actuators


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