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Case story

Wastewater treatment plant optimises operations with LINAK actuators

Frozen gears, worn out nuts, downtime and high service costs were the reasons why the Danish wastewater treatment plant, Ikast-Brande Spildevand, looked for a new adjustment solution for the tilting weirs on the process tank. Their partner, Aquagain - Folding Smed A/S, suggested a more robust and stable solution with electric actuators from LINAK.

Electric actuators adjust tilting weirs on process tank at wastewater treatment plant

Ikast, December 2023

At Ikast-Brande Spildevand, Operations Assistant and Technician Henrik Mathiesen is constantly working on optimising operations and extending the lifespan of the plant. And the challenges with the old tilting adjustment solution were getting still more troublesome. Henrik explains: "For a long time, it's been an annoying solution, but I haven't been able to come up with an alternative. So, I contacted Aquagain – we have a good collaboration on service and optimisation".


LINAK® is industry approved

LA36 aktuatorLA36 in bracket seen from above.

Rune Christiansen, Service Manager at Aquagain, was up for the task. He already had good experience using LINAK actuators for adjustments elsewhere in the industry: "When we recommend actuators for a project, LINAK is an obvious choice. In general, we experience very high customer satisfaction when we deliver a solution with LINAK, so it was only natural to offer Ikast-Brande Spildevand a solution with LINAK actuators", Rune explains.

Aquagain is a modern metalworking business that a.o. provides project-related solutions for the wastewater industry. Besides offering LINAK for this type of optimisation task, they also recommend LINAK actuators for larger new builds, modernisation tasks and valve builds.

Henrik from Ikast-Brande Spildevand did not know LINAK from the industry: "I thought LINAK was mainly for height-adjustable desks, so I had my doubts. But I asked around, and my colleagues from Faaborg Treatment Plant told me that they were very satisfied with LINAK. Their solution had been running well and without any problems for a long time. When I heard that, I dared to choose a solution with LINAK actuators".


A resilient new solution

Aquagain came up with a solution where each tilting weir was equipped with an LA36 actuator and associated WCU controller. After some customisation of the first prototype from Aquagain, they were ready to install the 14 new adjustment solutions on the tilting weirs in Ikast. The LINAK actuators now run several times a day to regulate the water level in the process tank. "So far, we are very satisfied, and the solution is running as it should. We were quite excited to see how the actuators would react during the first hard frost, but there were no problems, so we don't expect to touch them for many years to come", Henrik concludes.

The solution has extended the lifespan of that part of the system, and Henrik can look forward to fewer worries about breakdowns and service costs: "With the old solution, a brass nut had to be replaced once every year. It took an hour for each tilting weir, plus the cost of the nut – and still we had breakdowns between service inspections, and the gears froze in the winter".

LINAK løsning på renseanlægThe actuator solution on the tilting weirs in Ikast.

More actuators in the future

Henrik is always looking for ways to optimise the plant: "Things need to be replaced or optimised on an ongoing basis. Before my experience with LINAK, I only considered the more traditional solutions, but now I will also consider LINAK products for future projects”.

Rune also has a positive outlook on the future: "The communication between LINAK, Aquagain and Ikast-Brande Spildevand has been really good, and Ikast-Brande Spildevand got a great solution. It confirms to me, once again, that integrating LINAK actuators in solutions at wastewater treatment plants can indeed be recommended".

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