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Optimal handling in industrial production with electric movement

The French company MZR specialises in solutions for industrial manufacturing, and here the owner experiences an increasing demand for electric movement solutions. To him this is no coincidence.

Optimal handling in industrial production with electric movement

For Frederic Mazoyer, electric movement is always the first choice. Although he also uses pneumatics and hydraulics in his products for handling in industrial manufacturing, the advantages of electric movement are clear to him. The movement is precise and the environmental balance so much better. Electric actuators only require energy when they are actually in use. Pneumatics and hydraulics require compressors. 

Mazoyer founded his company MZR in 2006. The idea was to offer products and solutions for industrial manufacturing. Flexibility and mobility are important factors here. 

'The processes and requirements in numerous production lines are constantly changing. Companies need to keep adjusting and changing production lines. And this is precisely where our products come in. We ensure optimal workflows,' reports Frederic Mazoyer.

The objective of MZR is to optimise production with Plug & Play™ solutions. Electric actuators from LINAK are important components in his products. They ensure the movement of handling products and thus the necessary flexibility of the work environment.

Optimal handling in industrial production with electric movement

Electric actuation for multiple purposes
An important segment in the product range of MZR is assembly tables in different variants with different functions. Besides assembly tables, which can be adjusted in height by means of a scissor mechanism, MZR offers tiltable assembly platforms. Large glass plates, facade panels or other building elements, are easily machined in production and are then tilted for transportation or further assembly. 

For the tilt function, MZR uses LINAK® electric actuators. They offer sufficient thrust and are easily integrated in an existing electric system. Unlike pneumatics and hydraulics, the movement can be controlled precisely. Using battery systems, the mobile assembly tables are flexible to use and the components are easy to move within a production line.

Optimal handling in industrial production with electric movement

'It is important to us that users can always work in the best position,' Frederic Mazoyer explains. 'This increases not only convenience and efficiency, but above all it also protects against muscular diseases.'

Height-adjustable work areas are gaining popularity in production lines. MZR offers a range of variants of mobile work benches that are adjusted in height by means of a scissor mechanism. Parts that need to be moved are often large and heavy. This is where LINAK actuators can demonstrate their benefits.


The LINAK linear actuator LA36 offers a thrust of up to 6,800 Newton. If this is not enough, two actuators are used that move exactly in parallel thanks to the integrated electronics.

Several benefits when using actuators with IC
LINAK has already been offering electric actuators with an integrated control for some time. The actuators with IC unlock numerous options. LINAK offers four different IC option variants: Basic, Advanced, Parallel, and a BUS communication option. If multiple actuators must move in parallel, the 'parallel' variant is the right choice. Up to eight identical IC actuators can be combined and run in and out in parallel. No additional control or cabling is required. The actuators communicate with each other directly through their own BUS system.

'For our products, we need quiet and powerful movement. LINAK actuators offer a soft start, and this is ideal for our requirements,' says Frederic Mazoyer. Most components weigh up to 300 kilograms. In addition to the thrust for the movement, the linear actuators offer a safe self-locking ability. 'Here LINAK products stand out too,' says Mazoyer.  

Thanks to electric support in all kinds of work processes, production demands less power than it did decades ago. At MZR, every product is made individually to customer requirements. This means that requirements can vary significantly. However, all of them offer optimal ergonomic support for day-to-day work steps in a production environment. By means of electric actuators from LINAK, the movement is quiet, energy-saving and reliable.

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6 tips for an ergonomically improved workday by LINAK


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