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Case story

Kverneland wanted a flexible solution for balers

Decades of experience with designing machines go into building every Kverneland baler that must perform impeccably all over the world. The latest generation of Kverneland balers gives you the assurance of unrivalled performance and an ability to cope with a wide variety of crop types.

Flexible baler solution case story
The innovative design of FastBale provides high versatility, allowing work to be carried out in a variety of different modes, according to varying crop types and end-user requirements. With its unique features, FastBale offers a truly flexible solution for all your baling and wrapping requirements, while simultaneously increasing operator comfort and productivity. 

The main objective for Kverneland Ravenna was to combine reliability and versatility to deliver more value with an efficient integrated baling system. The new series of balers are equipped with linear actuators from LINAK. In particular, the LA36 actuator is one of the most solid and powerful LINAK actuators, designed to operate under extreme conditions. It is a maintenance-free product with a long service life and a high IP level. 

This high-quality actuator offers a very strong alternative to hydraulic solutions and other electric actuators. Achieving exact inputs is only possible using appropriate, good quality components. 

The LINAK actuator LA36 fully meets these requirements,” states Mr. Valerio Casadei, Electronic Engineer in Kverneland Group Ravenna. 

LINAK offers a high level of customisation, such as stroke length, special cables and connectors for easy interface with our control system, and furthermore the LA36 comes as standard with a non-rotating piston rod eye". 

"When partnering with LINAK, you get more than just a rugged product. You also have at your disposal a team of engineers and technicians with vast application and product expertise,” says Casadei. 

The new generation of balers features the new patented Kverneland PowerBind net wrap system. Thanks to the linear actuator LA36, the net is fed directly into the bale chamber by an injection arm at a flat movement angle, which keeps the net tight at all times, providing accurate and extremely reliable net injection. 

In addition, the injection arm constantly retains the net and when the bale is 90% complete, the injection arm moves forward, ready to inject the net.

This makes the system productive and reliable, as no time is spent picking up the net. Once the bale is complete, the injection arm instantly introduces the net into the bale chamber.  The new generation of balers from Kverneland with built-in LINAK actuator technology

Once the net is injected, the brake moves down onto the net roll, adding tension to the net. During net injection, the feeder arm moves back to its waiting position and, once the bale has been wrapped, the knife activates, cutting the net.

The LA36 affords easy maintenance, control and fast installation with a wide range of customisable settings and feedback that helps tailor the movement solution to the specific application. A smart system that does not compromise on quality or lifetime. 

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Electric linear actuator solutions for agricultural machinery from the LINAK TECHLINE segment

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