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E-bike lift system boosts lifting capacity and workshop ergonomics

The arrival of e-bikes has presented bike shops and service centres with the challenge of handling these substantially heavier bicycles. To address this, the Australian company Blade Commercial has introduced "The Blade Lifter" – an e-bike lift system that streamlines operations in the bike service area to provide an ergonomic and safe way to lift and service e-bikes. This electrically height-adjustable repair stand is powered by a LINAK lifting column, serving as its sturdy backbone.

Blade Commercial's e-bike lifting system powered by LINAK lifting solutions.

Bike service shops are legally required to use a service lift; however, the current bike service racks are static and tailored for push bikes. Although there are European-manufactured lifting systems, Brian Sinclair, Director at Blade Commercial, had the vision to manufacture, supply, and support a high-quality and reliable product locally, unlike anything else in the local market.

Blade Commercial excels in the sale and customisation of e-bikes, alongside designing and distributing high-quality tools for both e-bike enthusiasts and service centres. They are committed to delivering exceptional products and seek partnerships that meet their standard of excellence. So, when it came to manufacturing "The Blade Lifter", they chose to team up with LINAK®: "To launch this truly innovative solution, we chose to partner with LINAK, known for their reputable and high-quality products", Brian Sinclair, Blade Commercial, explains.

"The Blade Lifter" is a user-friendly electronic system designed to easily elevate e-bikes, enhance workshop ergonomics, and provide safe and convenient access for maintenance tasks. With a lifting capacity of up to 150 kg, it can handle heavy e-bikes without a hitch.


LINAK lifting column as the central pillar of "The Blade Lifter."

"The Blade Lifter" is equipped with LINAK DL2 – a sturdy two-stage electric lifting column, ideal for ergonomic height adjustment of high-load applications that require strength and stability. Being the backbone of the lift system, the lifting column has been the centre of designing the balance system and the base load distribution parts.

The DL2 proved the optimal solution for" The Blade Lifter". The competitive price keeps production costs down, and its mechanical features are ideal for the product design, as it can be used as a single column and is compatible with the LINAK CBD6S control box.

The sleek design of the CBD6S control box compliments the striking look of "The Blade Lifter". It is lightweight and compact, requires minimal space when mounted on the DL2 column, and, most importantly, ensures smooth and quiet operation of the system.

Blade Commercial's The Blade Lifter, e-bike lift system powered by LINAK products

Brian Sinclair is happy with the combination: "The DL2 and the control box work flawlessly, smoothly, and quietly. We know that these features of "The Blade Lifter" will appeal to our customers". Furthermore, the LINAK Bluetooth® Adapter has been added to the control box for easy operation of the lift system, which can be controlled with a wireless hand control or the LINAK app.


Versatile lift system with a bright future

To improve workshop ergonomics and reduce the risk of work-related injuries, Blade Commercial has focused on minimising the strain on service centre employees when lifting e-bikes with heavy batteries and motors.

Although" The Blade Lifter" is primarily marketed to bike service shops, the application is ideal wherever a lift is needed. The e-bike is here to stay, as is the need for better ergonomics. Blade Commercial is confident the product will succeed and looks forward to future developments with innovative LINAK lifting technology.

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DL2/LC1 with CBD6S user manual

This user manual will tell you how to install, use and maintain your LINAK DESKLINE products.

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