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Collaboration and quality focus make all the difference

For more than 30 years, the Danish manufacturer of stainless steel solutions ‘Claus Andersen Rustfri Stål’ has been servicing multiple industries. Fittings for industrial kitchens are a major part of the company's production, and in 2006, CEO Claus Andersen began thinking about making height-adjustable kitchen tables. He found LINAK® to be the obvious choice.

Tables for industrial kitchens

Claus Andersen is an industrious man. He left school at 16 to train as a boilermaker, and today he runs a company with more than 60 employees. For Andersen it was always about creating the solutions that the customers ask for – which is why only a few of the products he delivers to industrial kitchens have standard dimensions:

”We adapt our products to fit the individual kitchen. When it comes to tables, it's often a question of how many LINAK actuators we need, depending on the length of the table."

Claus Andersen values the relationship with LINAK:

"We consider LINAK a serious and impressive Danish company. Using products from LINAK gives our own products a seal of approval. I'm therefore very receptive to LINAK whenever they suggest new solutions."

Adding new LINAK solutions
Through the years, Claus Andersen has implemented several new LINAK solutions. It is important for him to keep up with developments:

”It's always great to make something that's new and different. It's essential for me to be able to offer my customers new and improved solutions that make a difference", he says.

"One example is that we're currently in the process of adding a new LINAK control to our range. It's a control that enables kitchen staff to adjust the tables using their elbow or knee. This makes sense in those situations when you've touched food. It's often the little things that make a difference".

Preferring to be Danish all the way
The fact that LINAK is a Danish company is of major importance to Andersen:

”We're also a Danish company. I'd prefer not to put foreign products in my tables – especially when the price is the same," he explains and adds: "LINAK has a great sense of quality, and we get some truly excellent products from them”.

For more information about ‘Claus Andersen Rustfri Stål’, visit the corporate website at: (NOTE: in Danish)

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