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Automated solutions increase productivity and safety in grain handling

With time and efficiency being top priorities for many farmers, automation is becoming an essential tool within the grain industry. The Australian company Grainline specialises in high quality agricultural equipment for grain handling, and since 1979, their augers have been a critical component for many farms across Australia. They have designed their applications to handle grain movement, including feeding livestock and sowing crops, and use LINAK actuators for three essential products.

Grainline's feed-out trailer with LINAK actuator

Automation in grain handling

Typically, automation can be used in various applications within bulk handling to ensure productivity and reduce the risk of accidents due to manual handling, such as lifting heavy doors or holding spouts open. All the applications within this industry control the movement of loading and unloading grain, seed, fertiliser and feed.

Being no stranger to innovation, Grainline has been committed to the manufacture and supply of high-quality Australian-made products that meet the needs of farmers across the country. Using automation to ensure a smooth and hassle-free movement of grain throughout the process is crucial to Grainline’s solution. Generally, farmers need rugged, reliable, and intelligent technology that improves the quality of their livelihoods and LINAK® has assisted in designing a solution that bolsters their product range in this area.

New Bunker auger spout - Rodneys 2020
LINAK linear actuator LA36

Designed for efficiency and simplicity

Simplicity is an integral part of the grainline solution. Grainline’s Transportable Grain Auger, the Remote-Control grain door, and the Feed-out trailers are all equipped with LINAK actuators that help control grain flow efficiently. The actuator solution is specifically designed for streamlined operation and ensures easy connectivity for installers. To achieve this, Grainline uses the LA36 actuator with 12 V power, which enables reliable and strong movement of each application and is the perfect alternative to hydraulic systems, being a more straightforward solution with fewer components and practically maintenance-free.

With LINAK components, Grainline has boosted its ability to provide the market with exceptional solutions to ensure efficient harvesting in addition to providing a safe and productive work environment.

When asked about the future of automation in the industry, Grainline assures that they are staying ahead of trends during their development phases as they anticipate optimal harvesting conditions for the years ahead:

“Within our R&D Department, we are always trying to improve technologies to ensure that we keep up with the progression of new releases. We also have the market in mind to see if we can make things easier for the end user,” says Bryce Langfield, Manager at Grainline.

If you would like to know more, visit the LINAK TECHLINE® website or contact your local LINAK office. Read more about Grainline’s solutions at their corporate website.

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