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Atlite Skydoor elevates Urban Living

Australian manufacturer Atlite uses design and practical innovation to elevate outdoor space in residential buildings. The Skydoor, which uses LINAK actuators to lift and lower, is an adaptation of the traditional skylight to ensure easy access to gardens and rooftops in city dwellings.

Atlite skydoor

City living is full of people and activity; however, it does not leave much room for sprawling backyards or outdoor space in a home. Generally, as urban living becomes denser and more expensive there is a demand to improve current designs of residential buildings to allow for more space, including room for open-air areas. For manufacturer Atlite, their product is a modification of the traditional skylight which accommodates the need to improve design while also exceeding the standard of innovation in their market. Meet the Skydoor.

Atlite, located in metropolitan Melbourne, is a leading manufacturer of premium roof windows and natural lighting solutions in Australia. The company has pioneered one of the most innovative roof windows yet with the design of the Skydoor. The Skydoor doubles as an access hatch and provides a welcome alternative to rooftop entries and natural lighting in the home or workplace. It is very specifically designed to enable access onto a roof top without taking up any actual roof space. The door is powered by LINAK® electric linear actuators which aids in the lifting of the glazed door and allows it to open and close easily and smoothly.


Innovative solution

One of the challenges of designing the automated, heavy duty, double glazed Skydoor was that they must ensure the product was safe above all else. The challenges of the solution were that the door and the frame must withstand the weight of a person physically standing on the door as well as any additional high load when the door is in an open position when there are high winds.

LINAK was able to successfully assist with these challenges by specifying the LA36 with Integrated Controller with parallel control. Not only did LINAK produce a robust and reliable solution for smooth opening and closing of the door itself, it solved any load challenges by ensuring there was a heavy duty actuator that could bear the weight, even when there are high winds.

Atlite skydoor


With such an emphasis on safety throughout the project and the final design of the product, Atlite was awarded the 2020 Good Design Award for the Skydoor with recognition of outstanding design and innovation.


Local support

Atlite was looking for a partner that not only supported them in their design and engineering phases but also logistically when it came to warehousing and planning for future projects. Atlite operates around Australia to guarantee they can bring their range of products straight to architects and home-owners. The team at LINAK continues to work alongside Atlite to ensure they receive first class customer, technical and service support where and when they need it.

With custom made products to fit to size, Atlite has also enjoyed the simplicity of LINAK technology and are continually exploring possibilities for further innovation:
“Technology is always advancing so the future in design looks more sleek and streamlined with even better automated performance” says Leanne Jones, Marketing Executive at Atlite Head Office.

The LINAK segment, TECHLINE®, has a special focus on movement solutions for even the most extreme conditions.


Wish to know more, visit the LINAK TECHLINE website or contact your local LINAK office.

You can find more about Atlite on their website.

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