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Why choose LINAK?

There are several advantages to choosing a LINAK system for your healthcare application. Below are the 7 best reasons.

LINAK system on a patientlift

#1 Safety

You should be able to trust your LINAK® system. Therefore, all our healthcare products have a number of built-in safety features.

  • For example, our actuators have options like safety nuts, electrical and mechanical end stop, self-lock, spline to prevent accidental squeezing, quick release and emergency lowering functions.
  • Our control boxes are equipped with intelligent power supplies, monitoring of power consumption and temperature, and fault condition indicators.
  • Our hand controls can lock specific functions and are tested for medical use on locations where high demands are placed on materials and durability.

#2 Lifting power and speed

As the population grows taller and heavier, there is a need for applications with increased strength to meet the increased weight requirements. At the same time, it is important that the increased weight does not significantly change the lifting speed. That is why at LINAK we focus on developing products that have increased lifting power and at the same time increased speed at high loads.

For example, our LC3 lifting column can lift up to 6,000 N and still maintain a speed of 11mm/sec. The LA40 actuator can lift up to 8,000 N and still maintain a speed of 6.5mm/sec.


#3 Washability

At LINAK, we take hygiene seriously. The product safety standard IEC 60601 for Medical electrical equipment requires that “machine washable” healthcare equipment must be able to withstand 50 washes in an automatic washing system.

At LINAK, we want to do better! We aim for our products to work flawlessly – even after years of frequent cleaning in a modern washing system. Therefore, our testing is much stricter than the IEC 60601 standard requires. Many of our products are tested to withstand as much as 250 washes, so we have added our own standard, i.e. IPX6 Washable DURA™.


#4 Customised software

When you choose a digital LINAK system for your application, you will always receive software which has been designed specifically for you. This way, we ensure that your application will work exactly the way you want it to.

We have many specialists who work exclusively with programming software for applications like yours. Therefore, we can also be your competent sparring partner and help you choose the best solution. We are with you every step of the way – from finalising the specifications to conducting the final tests.


#5 Broad product programme

In LINAK MEDLINE® and CARELINE® we are proud to have one of the broadest product programmes on the market. We have a wide range of actuators, lifting columns, control boxes and controls, giving you many choices when designing your application.

What is most important to you? Should the control box be washable or battery powered? Is the actuator for heavy or light loads? Whatever your needs, we have a product to match.

We are constantly expanding our product programme. We endeavour to always be at the forefront of technology and listen to our customers and the trends in the market. This allows us to present the latest products, so our customers can be first movers, and it also explains why LINAK now holds over 1,200 patents.


#6 Strong global and local partner

LINAK is a global company that sells products to a large part of the world. Sales are made to many different industries, and sales to the hospital and care sector account for around 40% of the global sales.

At LINAK, everything is about the customer, even if we are global. We have established 30 subsidiaries around the world, each with in-depth knowledge of their local market.

Our global outlook also ensures a strong focus on meeting international standards within the different business areas.

LINAK is a large and market-leading player. One of the advantages of our size and position is that we are a strong and solid partner. We are here to stay and can guarantee a long partnership.


#7 Quality

At LINAK, quality is paramount.

We have a large number of development engineers to develop and maintain our MEDLINE & CARELINE product programme. Their focus is to develop a design in the right materials that fulfils customer requirements, ensuring quality from the very start. Being both the actuator manufacturer and software developer, we know every inch of your solution ensuring you expert knowledge and know-how whatever your request.

At LINAK, choosing the best subcontractors is also important to us, as it enables us to ensure the quality of our end products. All products are also thoroughly tested before they leave the factory.

We know and trust the quality of our LINAK products, which is why all our MEDLINE & CARELINE products come with up to 5 years warranty. And if, contrary to expectations, a quality issue should arise, we have dedicated employees ready to troubleshoot the products to ensure even better quality in the future.

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