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Para Mobility: Transforming lives with assistive lifting technology

For over 40 years, one of the industry-leading Australian-based companies, Para Mobility, continues to leverage its profound understanding of the unique accessibility needs of people with disabilities to innovate custom-designed assistive tools such as hoists, wall-mounted changing tables, and aquatic chairs. Their remarkable product evolutions and advanced use of LINAK MEDLINE medical-grade electric actuators, batteries, and intuitive hand controls have elevated their product portfolio and amplified the functionality and efficiency of their top-tier hoists and changing tables.

Para Mobility Australian designed and manufactured, Pelican Pool Hoist

Compliance never looked this good

Australia's commercial environments are bound by legislative mandates, requiring new pools to be accessible and possessing adult changing facilities.

To meet critical stakeholders’ requirements in the health, aged care, aquatics, and education sectors, coupled with funding bodies, Para Mobility rose to the challenge and set out to collaboratively partner with LINAK®, resulting in innovations like the Kingfisher and Pelican Pool Hoists.

End users can choose between the solid seat configuration of the Kingfisher or the Pelican's adaptable arm featuring diverse seating options like the floating sling, aquatic wheelchair, spine board, platform lift, and solid seat attachment. Both hoists are user-friendly and have a hand controller, allowing for simple operation.

Para Mobility products, the Kingfisher Pool-Spa Access seat.

Para Mobility products, the Pelican Pool-Spa Hoist.


Prioritising a superior life experience globally

As an Australian manufacturer of pool hoists, Para Mobility prioritises a superior life experience for individuals with diverse abilities.

To offer tailor-made solutions, the company embraced automation, specifically entrusting LINAK products renowned for their robust electric actuators, hand controllers, and batteries in the OEM medical field.

With a global footprint spanning several countries, aligning with proven partners such as LINAK has been instrumental in Para Mobility's journey towards improving accessibility worldwide.

Para Mobility, an Australian-designed and manufactured moving solution.

Pioneering collaboration leads to game-changing products

Para Mobility constantly explores opportunities to elevate their offerings. Building from their successful year-long use of the LINAK JUMBO™ control box for their Pelican hoist and looking for brand differentiation in an increasingly competitive market, Para Mobility embraced the new LINAK LIFT50™, which offered distinct features and enhancements to their established product roster.

The implementation of the LIFT50 satisfied new market demands. The LIFT50 was a viable option due to its ergonomic design and lightweight constitution, offering extended battery life between charges. Not only does it add a sleek, modern aesthetic to the product line, but its user-friendly visual status indicators also provide easy identification of battery levels and error codes, thanks to its intuitive LED flashing sequence.

Our value-adding solutions helped Para Mobility prepare for tomorrow's challenges with a flexible, innovative system that kept them relevant and ahead of the curve in efficiency, reliability, and end user experience.

Another critical factor in the consulting product design process was the opportunity to introduce wireless controls to provide a strong point of differentiation.

Para Mobility's forward-thinking strategy and high-quality offerings for improved client satisfaction made them investigate the new LINAK Bluetooth® HB200 handset. With the HB200 handset, users can become more independent when operating the lifter for self-ingress and egress from pools. Bluetooth communication allows Para Mobility to be 'future-ready' and best support their customers.


Integrating cutting-edge product solutions with digital innovations

Many Australian manufacturers experience challenges associated with service support, preventative maintenance, and repair costs due to geographical long distances both locally and overseas.

Para Mobility's extensive geographical coverage meant they needed a solution to reduce costs and improve customer service times.

The digital innovations from LINAK helped Para Mobility to be ready for this challenge with optional future-ready Bluetooth data exchange and protective maintenance with OneConnect™ capability provided by LIFT50.


The future

Despite their national success, Para Mobility is not 'resting on their laurels’; their purpose is to provide ease of social inclusion and dramatically affect the quality of life and experiences for people with a disability, of older age and who are less mobile. This hearty purpose, infused across the organisation, relentlessly drives the team to deliver innovative, cutting-edge solutions for easy living.

We are working closely with all our supply partners to improve our current product line and our products in R&D.
Para Mobility

The Australian Para Mobility team.


The LINAK MEDLINE® team looks forward to assisting Para Mobility in their ongoing manufacturing of easy-to-use, adjustable, and flexible products that provide a comfortable experience for end users.

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