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One column. Multiple options

Space matters: From home office to corporate work booth, maximising real estate is crucial – and an ergonomically adjustable desk solution is simply a given wherever you work. A single column solution from LINAK delivers inspiration on both fronts.

Small, adjustable office desks for small spaces. Improved ergonomics via one LINAK lifting column.

Bringing ergonomic design to any environment

Designing for a smaller space is not usually easy. But by designing your solution based on a lifting column with integrated controller, you can create a compact desk solution with an extremely clean and uncluttered design.

Simply create a foot or wall mount, add a tabletop directly to the column, plug into a power supply, and you are good to go. With a LINAK® lifting column, it is easy to create a fully ergonomic solution that simply fits in where needed - and which adds movement and style to any environment.


NOA desk - elegant design using just one column

Tom Parfitt, a Furniture Maker at Benchmark was looking for a suitable solution for his home but could not find anything. This led to him to develop the concept for the Noa desk.

Noa is an ergonomic single column sit-stand desk made from natural materials and ideal for a small space. Read the case story here.

The Noa sit-stand desk from Benchmark


Check into the office hotel

Office design trends are moving away from the traditional open plan office. New solutions based on increased privacy and intermittent remote working are the order of the day. With this change comes a recognition that new ergonomic solutions are required to maintain and improve the working conditions and health of this new generation of flexible office workers.

Modern office landscape with ergonomic and colourful height-adjustable tables - powered by LINAK lifting columns.

4 small and adjustable office desks for the office hotel. Improved ergonomics via a single LINAK lifting column.

Acoustic office phone- and meeting booth with focus on improved ergonomics for the office worker with an adjustable table.


One alternative approach for the new working model is the office hotel, a solution particularly suited to tech companies who only rarely need their people to be physically present. Again, hot-desk workstations that take up a minimum of space, desks for ‘phone box’ work booths and desks that are flexible enough to be relocated to form new constellations as group needs change, will become a priority – as will the adjustable ergonomic potential of a solution to accommodate a shifting flow of users.

The rise of acoustic office phone booths and meeting pods for privacy, one-to-one meetings and isolated space for in-depth concentration adds another ideal candidate for an ergonomic and compact desk solution based on a single lifting column.


Offer the freedom of a battery powered solution

Without the need for a power cable, placement is simply a matter of choice. Ideal for lecture theatres or busy thoroughfares where cables can become a trip hazard, a high-performance lithium-ion battery powered solution is easy to move from location to location as needed.

Movable presenter and lecturer desk with a single electric lifting column for easy adjustment and improved ergonomics.


Integrated Control. Saves space. Simplifies assembly
By using a column with integrated controller, you get a compact desk solution with clean and uncluttered design.

Simply add a desk panel directly to the column and an external power supply (120V, 230V or multi voltage), and you are good to go.

LINAK lifting column with Kick and Click top frame for easy mounting of table-top.

One leg - no compromises in design, performance or ergonomics

The trends are clear – and the technology is available; The DL18 IC PLUS lifting column includes invisible gliding pads and plane edges for an extra clean design. Attach the Kick & Click™ top base to the column to easily mount the tabletop. Choose between our wide range of Desk Panels for intuitive height adjustment and select the external SMPS power supply (230V or 120V).

Add your own feet, stand, or wall mount, choose the table-top you prefer, and you have a complete package that is ready to go and ideal for today’s business and design trends.

You can then add the usual LINAK features, such as “soft start and stop”, which you know from our two-parallel desk systems - and access our wide range of desk panels for easy and intuitive adjustment, including the Red Dot awarded DPG1C or the DPH and DPT, which are both are easily integrated in your chosen table-top.

Compact office desk with LINAK DL18 IC PLUS lifting column, invisible gliding pads and plane edges for an extra clean design.


We’ve got your back

With LINAK as your partner, you will get world-class support and industry-leading quality; with 30 local sales offices we are always close to you and your market and ready to share expertise based on global experience to keep your company competitive.

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Small enough to fit in, but large enough to give me working space for what I need
COVID 19 has made home-working commonplace, but after the novelty of a new working environment has worn off, it becomes obvious that to be fully effective we need the same degree of ergonomic flexibility we have come to expect in our regular offices.

Hans Jørgen Kloster Klein is a senior manager at LEGO. For the past year, he’s been adjusting to his new remote working conditions – and creating an environment in which he can be both healthy and productive.

“All of a sudden I was working from my home full-time. A quick and easy solution was to use the dining table as my workplace, then pack away my laptop in the evening when the family arrived home. But it didn’t take long before I began to experience some discomfort from sitting at my dining table all day long. Quite simply, I missed my height-adjustable desk in my office at LEGO, and I also lacked a dedicated ‘office’ space in my home,” says Hans.

“My solution was a compact electric height adjustable sit-stand desk placed in a corner of my bedroom. It is small enough to fit in, but large enough to give me working space for what I need – including a decent sized screen. The control for adjusting the desk is very intuitive to use when I need to change position – and I use the App on my phone to move it up or down to pre-set positions,” he adds.

Home office desk on one column

“This simple solution gave me two immediate benefits: firstly, I now have a dedicated place for my work without having to pack everything up at the end of a day - and secondly, I have the option of switching position between sitting and standing during the day, to save my back. And there’s also a bonus benefit that I hadn’t banked on – my colleagues say my voice sounds much better when I’m standing,” he grins.



Don't leave your ergonomics at the office

Don’t leave your ergonomics at the office!
In our new normal, many of us have traded office desks for kitchen tables. And even if global events move us back to the workplace soon, working from home in some form or fashion is here to stay. Dr. Mark Benden and Martha Parker of the Texas A&M University Ergo Center have plenty of tips and tricks for those facing the challenges of working from home now and in the not-so-distant future.


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