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Case story

Are you using your home differently?

During the last 12 months we have all adapted to working from home but have our home environments adapted well to allow us to do this. There are added pressures for the large majority with our living space also converting into makeshift schools and offices. Is our space good enough?

The Sage sit-stand desk and workbench from Benchmark

With the future of workspace and travelling to the office in question for the long term are their considerations that need to be taken to make sure our home offices are equipped to be a long-term solution.

Companies, for a while have been considering ergonomics but home workspaces are often poorly designed. Sometimes even makeshift solutions are put into place i.e., using books to raise the height of a desk or screen. This is ok in the short term but for people’s wellbeing this cannot be a long-term option.

Tom Parfitt, a Furniture Maker at Benchmark was looking for a suitable solution for his home but could not find anything. This led to him to develop the concept for the Noa desk.

Noa is an ergonomic sit-stand desk made from natural materials and ideal for a small space. Noa has been designed around the ideals of biophilic design. The desk features a central LINAK Electric Desklift Column, which is operated by a DPG control allowing for smooth movement.

Fiona Coyne, Sales and Marketing Director at Benchmark stated that - ‘Quite simply we believe that LINAK deliver the best quality sit-stand mechanisms available - the most robust and the smoothest mechanics.’

The Noa Desk From Benchmark

Benchmark also use electric Desklift columns on the Sage Sit-Stand desk and workbench.

As a company Benchmark were founded in 1984 and sustainability has always been at the heart of the company. It is their mission to create furniture that makes a positive contribution to human health and the environment.

All Benchmark products are designed for well-being, they draw upon the restorative power of nature to design and make furniture with health and well-being in mind. The furniture is made with natural materials, colours and textures, soft profiles and nature-inspired ergonomic shapes, to create spaces that are more human, welcoming and personal.

Due to the materials and level of workmanship Benchmark furniture will last for a lifetime and they are proud to offer a ‘Take Back’ scheme where furniture can be returned to them when it is no longer needed. It will be refurbished, re-purposed or donated to charitable enterprises.

The Noa Desk From Benchmark


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