Get started with your new intuitive desk

Your desk panel was designed to help you to get the most out of your height adjustable desk. Here are some quick facts about the functions:

Easy handling

Easy handling

To adjust your desk, just tilt the panel up or down. It is as easy as that.

Memory position

Memory position

Your desk panel can store up to 4 of your favourite height positions.


Light reminder

Your desk panel has an integrated LED light strip and will remind you when it is time for you to change position. The green light indicates that you do not need to move. When the light changes from green to a pulsating or static orange colour, it is time for you to move.


Set your own goals

You decide how often you want to be reminded to stand up. Choose the pre-configured intervals or set-up your own intervals. Start by standing 5 minutes at a time. Over time, try to stand 15 minutes per hour.
Learn more about how to create healthy sit-stand habits by downloading our “MOVE brochure”.


Connect to the Desk Control™ App

Besides the manual adjustment, you can also use your mobile device to control your desk, using Bluetooth® wireless technology.

Download the Desk Control App here (available for Android and iPhone)

Ready to use your new Desk Panel? 

Click on the videos below to find out how to start. 



DPG - How to initialise and adjust the desk.


DPG - How to pair to an app


DPG – How to store up to 4 memory positions and how to reset memory


DPG – How to use memory


DPG - Light strip reminder


DPG - Reset possibilities


DPG - Set correct desk height. Change between inch and cm

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