Get started with your new intuitive Desk Panel

- model DPG1B

Desk Panel DPG1B


Your desk panel has an integrated LED light strip, reminding you to change position.

Green light: A green light indicates that you do not need to move.
Orange light: When the green light is changing to a pulsating or static orange colour, it is time for you to move!

Set your own goals
You decide how often you want to be reminded to stand up. Choose the pre-configured intervals or set-up your own intervals. Start by standing 5 minutes at a time. Over time, try to stand 15 minutes per hour.


Connect to the Desk ControlApp
Use your smartphone to control your desk, get reminders, store your favourite positions and more, using the Desk Control App. It works via Bluetooth® wireless technology and works on Android and iOS devices.

Memory position

Memory positions
Your desk panel can store up to 4 of your favourite height positions.




DPG - How to initialise and adjust the desk.


DPG - How to pair to an app


DPG – How to store up to 4 memory positions and how to reset memory


DPG – How to use memory


DPG - Light strip reminder


DPG - Reset possibilities


DPG - Set correct desk height. Change between inch and cm


DPG brochure

A new way to adjust the office desk.

Move brochure

A small booklet about why and how height adjustable desks should be used.

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