Desk Control™ apps

With Desk Control apps, you can connect your LINAK® desk panel with your iOS and Android mobile devices. Auto-connect, motivational notifications and statistics with overview helps utilise the office desks adjustment more actively – ultimately improving work habits for the user. Works via Bluetooth® wireless technology.

User statistics in focus with new Desk Control App play-icon

User statistics in focus with new LINAK Desk Control App release

Desk Control™ apps

The Desk Control™ App is developed for users of sit-stand desks. The app allows the users to connect to their desks via Bluetooth® wireless technology and will now remind the user to use their sit-stand desks.

By downloading the Desk Control app, the desk user comes one step closer to changing the prolonged sitting behaviour. Friendly reminders to change position and statistics to show the daily achievements help the user to build a healthy routine during the workday.

Via the app the desk can also be adjusted and the user can drive to prestored favourite positions.

The app comes in 8 languages and is available for two different platforms: iOS for iPhones and iPads and Android for Android smartphones and tablets.

Download the Apps in the stores:

Download the Desk Control App for iOS.

Download the Desk Control App for Android.

Desk Control Apps

View the data sheet as an online magazine or download the PDF.

Desk Panels DPG and Desk Control app user manual

This user manual will tell you how to install, use and maintain your LINAK DESKLINE® products.

DESKLINE product overview

If you make any kind of desk, table or counter that people work behind, a height adjustable electric actuator solution is the flexible way to gain a competitive edge and improve your business.

Focus on office desks

Electric adjustment of office desks fits dynamic work styles and the new way of working.

MOVE – Why sit-stand desks increase work performance

Reduce sick days and create a modern office environment with electric sit-stand desks. An attractive investment for employers and their employees.

Desk Panels DPG - the innovative way to adjust office desks

This intuitive desk panel series is designed to shape behaviour and is operated by tilting. Advanced models offer visual sit-stand reminders, height memory, Bluetooth® connectivity and much more.

App solutions for office desks

Which app to choose? The LINAK Desk Control™ App or the branded, customised Desk Control™ App? We provide you with an overview in this booklet.

Desk Control™ App - How to save favourite positions

Store your current position
Press a star-button. Select “save”. The position is now saved and displayed in the button.

Store up to four favourite positions
Drive your desk to a favourite height (use the arrows in the app or your Desk Panel). Save the position.

Drive to a favourite position
Press and hold the memory button until you reach the saved position.

Automatic drive and favourite positions
(If your Desk Panel features automatic drive and the function is enabled)
Just press a favourite position button once. The desk drives automatically to the position.

Change favourite positions
Go to the settings page. Choose “change favourite positions”. Click on the position you want to change. Set your height and click “Save position”.

Desk Control™ App - Explore the settings menu

Change your favourite positions
Overwrite existing favourite positions or save new positions.

Ways to be reminded
Choose how to be reminded to stand up. Click on the buttons to activate/deactivate the pop-up notifications (for your mobile device) or light reminder function (for your Desk Panel).

Set desk name
To find and connect to your desk easily, give your desk a name. Type in a name for your desk. Return to the menu to save it.

Set desk height
If your desk height is displayed incorrectly, you can correct it manually. You can also switch between cm and inches.

I use this desk only
To use your personal settings with multiple desks, select “no”. Other desks will then automatically use your personal settings from the app.

Automatic Drive
Desk Panels that feature Automatic Drive (“full versions” only) can use Automatic Drive to switch between favourite positions.

Set language
Select your favourite language for the app.

Benefits of changing posture
Read more about why you should vary between sitting and standing.

Terms & Conditions
Read the Terms & Conditions for the app.

Learn more about the app and its functionalities. Click on the links to learn more about the product, why to use your desk and to receive support.

Desk Control™ App - How to activate and use Automatic Drive

If your Desk Panel features Automatic Drive (“full versions” only), you can activate it in the app.

Activate the Automatic Drive function
Go to “Settings”. Choose “Automatic Drive”.

Press the switches for upward and downward directions and accept the Terms of Use.

Use the Automatic Drive function
Go to the “control” section and select a favourite position. 
If two or more favourite positions have been saved, the desk can now drive automatically between these positions.

Desk Control™ App - How to connect a Bluetooth® adapter to an app

Plug the Bluetooth® (BLE2LIN) adapter into the control box. 
The adapter starts to flash with a blue colour.

Open your downloaded Desk Control™ app and connect to the desk. 
To find your desk, look for the list of “Desks nearby” in the app.

Follow the onboarding instructions in the app.

Desk Control™ App - How to get started

Turn on Bluetooth® on your mobile device. Open the Desk Control™ App. Choose your desk and click “connect”.

To adjust the desk manually, press and hold the arrow button either up or down.

Desk Control™ App - How to set goals and activate reminder notifications to stand up

Set your goals for standing
Go to the “You” section and choose your goal. Choose between three pre-defined sit/stand interval settings or define your own.

Set individual goals
Click on the settings button in the “your goal” section. Use the arrows to adjust the standing and sitting time intervals. To save your settings, click “done” and then “save”.

Choose how to receive reminder notifications
Get reminders via pop-up notifications on your mobile device and/or via the light on your Desk Panel.

Go to the “Settings” section. Choose “Ways to be reminded”. Click on the buttons to activate/deactivate notifications.
To see an example, click on “Try it out”.

Desk Panel DPG1M - How to pair to an app

Press the Bluetooth® button for two seconds. 
The LED starts to flash with a blue colour.

Open your downloaded app and connect to the desk.
Look for your desk in the list of “Desks nearby”.

The LED will flash in a blue colour when connected.

Follow the onboarding instructions in the app.

Desk Panel DPG1C – How to pair to an app

Press the Bluetooth® button for two seconds. The light strip starts to blink with a blue colour. The display shows the ID of the desk.

Open your downloaded app and connect to the desk. Look for the correct ID in the list of “Desks nearby”. 

Follow the onboarding instructions in the app.

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