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Attendant Control Keypad (ACK) is used as nurse controls or side panel handset. Able to control up to five channels. Optional colour and graphic design customisation.


With the OpenBus™ system it is possible to use ACK membrane front covers as attendant control or hand controls integrated in the bed side rails.

There are two different variants of ACK: ACK1 and ACK3. The ACK1 is a single membrane front cover, whereas the ACK3 comes with two membrane front covers, typically used on an inside side rail and an outside side rail.

ACK offers easy access to critical positioning functions and correct bed position in case of emergency. Another benefit is high adaptation to customer needs with customised key and diode layouts and membrane front covers adapted to the requested design and colour.

Further benefits are included in the ACK3 version, as this offers double and flexible bed control for the patient and the nurse to give increased comfort and efficiency. ACK3 allows for full intuitive bed control with up to 2x15 keys and 2x7 LEDs.


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Our team is ready to assist you with technical information, starting a project and more.