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The SLS is a safety limit switch used in LINAK linear actuator systems, where unintentional positioning must be prevented.


There are 2 types of SLS switches, an analogue and an OpenBus™ type.

The analogue SLS can be used as a safety feature to cut off the current to the actuator. The SLS is available with 1 or 2 switches (activated by the same button). It can be placed to prevent an unintentional positioning of the various frame segments in relation to each other or simply as an external limit switch to protect the frame against the full thrust of the actuator in end position. The actuator stops immediately when the button is pressed.

The OpenBus SLS is to be used together with the OpenBus control boxes. It is available both as a passive and as an active type. It comes with 1 switch, Normally Open (NO). The standard OpenBus SLS is not to be used for safety (Signal Limit Switch).

Both types can be used as an external signal unit that gives a signal to the control box. This signal can limit or interrupt the functions on for instance a bed or can be used to start an OpenBus function.

SLS data sheet

View the data sheet as an online magazine or download the PDF.

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Safety folder

Different applications need different safety features. Regardless of what healthcare application you are designing, LINAK offers a wide variety of standard and optional safety features.

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