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Pally and are powered by Rocketfarm. Control the ELEVATE™ lifting column for cobot palletising with the Pally URCap or use to simulate your palletising solution.


Pally: Easy-to-use palletising software for cobots from Universal Robots

With the ELEVATE lifting column included in the Pally URCap, palletising is both easier and less time-consuming.

Pally is a leading software for cobot palletising. The Pally URCap enables the integration with Universal Robots and gives you a no-code and very user-friendly cobot installation and operation.

Pally is a must-have for easy palletising with UR cobots, as it provides:

Logo for Pally, a palletising software from Rocketfarm
  • User-friendly interface: Create advanced pallet patterns in a matter of minutes.
  • Increased productivity: Pick different box types in the same pattern, pick multiple items at the same time, stack to the higher levels etc.
  • Improved flexibility: Change or install components easily and switch between patterns without reprogramming the software.

Get started with Pally A digital twin simulation tool for your palletising solution is the cloud-based palletising solution by Rocketfarm. It allows you to set up your palletising projects with the ELEVATE lifting column and is designed to streamline and enhance all stages of the palletising solution’s lifecycle.

With this tool, you can create a digital twin of your palletising project. This allows you to simulate and verify your pattern from any location and upload the program to your hardware.

Benefits of

Logo for, a digital twin simulation tool for your palletising solution, by Rocketfarm
  • Creates a digital twin of your palletising solution: Simulate and optimise your pattern before uploading it to the hardware.
  • Enables proof of concept: Quickly test and modify your project, e.g., test various sizes of cobots in combination with the ELEVATE lifting column.
  • Boost sales: Enjoy better sales meetings where you can test and verify a palletising project with a digital twin of the solution.

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