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Window automation solution enhances comfort for discerning luxury boat owners

Electric window automation offers a competitive advantage for boat manufacturers while enhancing comfort for discerning luxury boat owners.

ALFAB window automation solution on a luxury boat using a LINAK Actuator

Keeping ahead of the competition

The competitive marine boating industry is driven by end-user demand for quality, significant comfort, and distinctiveness. Using LINAK actuators and motor controllers, ALFAB Auto-Marine Glazing Solutions addresses the absence of smooth and controlled windows in luxury boats by engineering an exceptional and innovative automated vertical sliding window system solution.

For over 60 years, the Australian family-owned and operated manufacturer ALFAB Auto-Marine Glazing Solutions, with sites in Melbourne and Brisbane, have provided bespoke window and door systems for most of the nation’s boat and motor body builders.

ALFAB places significant value on research and development, craftsmanship, high-grade materials, and customisation to meet application requirements for the local market and abroad.

ALFAB Auto Marine Glazing Solutions Window Automation Single Window

The lack of automation in boat window applications and the increased end-user demand for differentiation and improved comfort provided ALFAB with an opportunity to meet market needs by providing a unique solution for marine applications, helping them stay ahead of the competition.

ALFAB leveraged their long-lasting relationship with LINAK to create the new system, benefiting from supply efficiencies, technical support, and quality products to engineer the electrically operated vertical sliding window system, a plug and play solution for the customer.

ALFAB Auto Marine Glazing Solltions Window Automation windows

Designed for efficiency and comfort

The design of the automated window application determined that the actuator would be fully enclosed within a window/wall partition, where there is limited space. To meet this requirement LINAK recommended the LA29 electric actuator due to its compact design.

When it comes to boats, space is a luxury. So the LA29’s compact design combined with its performance, price, and mounting benefits made it an optimum solution.

The vertical sliding window system is automated through a cable drive pulley system on a two-to-one push-pull movement.

In addition to the LA29, the TR-EM-208 single motor control unit was recommended, which is designed to operate a single actuator.


The future of automation in boat manufacturing continues

The LA29 actuator from LINAK is present on all ALFAB automated products built to date, offering the latest solution in window automation. In the future, ALFAB will continue the development of products with advancements in automation and is currently extending the rage to incorporate swing doors, sliding doors, awning windows and horizontal slide windows. ALFAB aims to keep engineering products that deliver the overall ‘Wow’ factor for the end-user.

Contact LINAK TECHLINE for specifications and even more actuator solutions for marine applications.

You can find out more about ALFAB on their website.

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