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Unique solution for wood chippers

When Linddana, a Danish manufacturer of wood chippers since 1980, was looking for an actuator solution for its TP wood chippers, they needed a completely unique construction for it to work. LINAK was able to develop a solution that fully matched their needs. Linddana now has a patented solution that plays a vital role in their mobile TP wood chippers.

Linddana TP wood chippers

When you fell or prune trees, turning the wood into chips can be a major advantage. Apart from making transportation significantly easier, it also benefits the environment as the chips can be used as fuel. This is what Danish company Linddana has built their business on, and today they sell its TP wood chippers in various sizes to most of Europe. What really makes Linddana stand out from the competition is, according to the company, a strong focus on safety:

For us safety is paramount in everything that we do. It has to be present when producing powerful machines like we do. For example, you can't start our machines unless everything is closed off. That reduces the risk of injury. Of course, we have emergency stops and different stop switches, so we meet all the requirements set out in the safety directive for wood chippers", says CEO, Hans Anker Holm. He also believes that a wood chipper is a complicated and extremely powerful machine:

When the motor and then the rotor starts, our machines are able to grind trunks of up to 40 cm in diameter and convert them into small wood chips in a very short time”.

Unique and patented actuator solution
The different TP models have different capacities and areas of application, which is why they are all constructed slightly differently too. Some wood chippers have an in-built actuator. This is used to tighten up the belts that connect the rotor. In this way the actuator ensures that the belts are always sufficiently tightened, so that the rotor runs optimally.

The solution that Linddana needed was not a standard one. That was why a specially made solution from LINAK was required to solve the challenge. The solution ended up being a third party control with specially programmed software together with the LINAK actuators LA12 and LA30. It enables the actuators to tighten the belts just as much as necessary, even if the belts become looser over time.

By using the LINAK actuator, when we start up the machine, we believe that we increase the motor's lifetime. In fact we believe in the solution so much that we have patented it”, says Hans Anker Holm.

LINAK actuator in a TP wood chipper

A company under development
Linddana is a company that does not stand still. The 40 employees produce and sell around 600 wood chippers a year, of which only approximately one quarter remains in Denmark. The rest is exported primarily to Germany, France, and England. It is therefore also essential for the company to have business partners that are both reliable and global. Two parameters that LINAK meets.

Linddana's main target group used to be farming, but during 2019 the company increased its focus on the green sector. Through their distributors, Linddana therefore now supplies wood chippers to
municipalities, gardeners, arborists, cemeteries, golf courses, etc. This also makes the mobile wood chippers more popular:

Our product range currently consists of 20 different models, and LINAK is on four of the mobile models. We see a clear rise in the demand for mobile wood chippers, and we therefore expect to buy even more LINAK actuators in the future to meet market requirements", concludes Anker Holm.

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