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NÜWIEL eTrailer and LINAK actuators – mobility in urban traffic

Reducing car traffic in inner cities is not a new topic. Many would prefer to get around using only their bicycle. But how would this be possible if you have to carry more than just a laptop bag? The young Hamburg-based company NÜWIEL provides an answer to this question. They have developed a cargo trailer that is on par with any van. For the braking system, NÜWIEL uses a LINAK electric actuator.

NÜWIEL eTrailer including LINAK electric actuator

Cargo bikes or bicycle trailers are an environmentally friendly solution to restrict the use of cars and delivery vans in particular for parcel services in cities in order to protect the environment and spare the local residents' nerves. However, these have had their limitations so far in terms of cargo load. Anyone who has ever assembled a small trailer on their bicycle knows the problem - or rather the problems. Not only do you have to pedal much harder, which is painful enough with an e-bike, but the real struggle is the braking. This is because suddenly there are completely different forces at work if you're carrying those two extra crates of water in the bicycle trailer. NÜWIEL has overcome both hurdles with the eTrailer. The eTrailer can be connected to any bicycle or electric bicycle within a few seconds. Once connected, the eTrailer automatically adjusts its speed to the vehicle in front, allowing it to carry 200% more cargo without compromising on driving comfort. Its own electric motor makes this possible.

Equipped with several fail-safe systems, the eTrailer offers increased safety for the user and the transported goods in various urban scenarios. The eTrailer safety braking system includes an electric parking brake, an electric recovery brake and an overrun brake. The combination braking system makes cycling safe and effective, resulting in longer brake life and less maintenance.

The parking brake system uses the LINAK LA14 electric linear actuator. Despite its compact dimensions and low weight, it offers a force of 750 Newtons. And the rugged anodised housing makes it extremely rugged and suitable for use in difficult environments, such as in a chassis design of an eTrailer.

NÜWIEL trailer with LINAK products

"The LA14 meets the IP66 protection class requirements in its dynamic state, that is while it is moving, and those of IP69K in its static state. This means that you can also easily clean it with a high-pressure cleaner without it breaking", says Alexander Rinker, responsible sales consultant at LINAK GmbH.

In fact, the issue of safety is a top priority for NÜWIEL, because the Hamburg-based company wants as many people and as many companies as possible to be able to use the eTrailer safely when transporting goods. "This is why brakes and the entire safety system are particularly important to us," explains Fahad Khan, one of the founders of NÜWIEL. "So we chose LINAK and integrated a system around it to create an electric parking brake system."

The company already seems to enjoy a great deal of trust throughout Europe, as numerous companies such as Ikea or the Belgian postal service are already using the high-tech bicycle trailers. Whereby the term bicycle trailer is not quite accurate. The eTrailer automatically turns into a handcart when it is unhitched from the bike.

It’s not just the technical specifications of the linear actuator that are right for them. The collaboration between LINAK and NÜWIEL is also working very well. "It is important for us to establish close contact with our customers in order to provide the best possible support for the project," explains Alexander Rinker. NÜWIEL also enjoys working with the Danish company. Susanne Wallenius, Supply Chain Manager at NÜWIEL: "After our developers recommended LINAK as a supplier, we met for initial discussions. Our experience has been positive ever since. We work well together."

If not before, taking a small test drive – or a test ride – with an eTrailer will prove to you just how well expectations are met.


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