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Eliminating workplace injuries with lift assist technology

When Ergotronix was approached by a large U.S. company to develop a custom lift assist device that would reduce operator lifting, fatigue and injury when loading heavy shrink wrap rolls onto their packaging machines, the company looked to LINAK actuators to assist in the engineered solution.

Lift from Ergotronix

The new device needed to replace the manual lifting, handling, and pushing of the 45 lbs. heavy rolls that previously was done manually by the operators.

Ergotronix designed and built a custom Ergo Tranz transporter with a custom mandrel that retrieves the rolls and pushes them effortlessly onto the packaging machine. Ergotronix utilized the compact LINAK® LA23 actuator to safely and accurately provide the push off function of the shrink wrap rolls onto the packaging machine.

This device has eliminated 100% of the lifting previously required and reduced the risk of operator injury when positioning shrink wrap rolls on the packaging machines at heights often above their head.

The high reliability, small footprint and ease of use are compelling reasons why Ergotronix has incorporated LINAK actuators into their custom product solutions since 1998”, states Erland Hagman, founder of Ergotronix. 

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Actuator solutions from LINAK - perfect movement for industrial automation applications

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