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Faster, smarter, and stronger software development with SoftCon2™ from LINAK

Plans change quickly, and when they do, LINAK has the application engineering staff ready to help. Our SoftCon2™ software development technology allows us to handle all kinds of issues and to programme our actuators to work around them. Just another way we work to meet your needs.

When you work with LINAK®, you can expect your software development process to be quick, easy and cutting edge. LINAK Application Engineers use one of the most powerful software platforms in the linear actuation industry, and in a matter of hours can produce a fully working system that behaves according to your application's specific needs.

Watch our Application Engineers put our SoftCon2™ technology to work in the video below. Want to know more about our software development capabilities? Complete the contact form below and a LINAK representative will be in contact soon.


LINAK customised software SoftCon2

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