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The development of LINAK hand controls for healthcare equipment is based on research and usability studies to ensure proper functionality, intuitive interfaces and ergonomic design. This all increases the safety related to the use of the hand controls. 

PU cable

PU cables
Elastic PU cables are able to retain their shape and are not as vulnerable as traditional PVC cables. This prolongs the cable life and prevents damage to the cable when moving the application. 

Locking functionality
The IEC 60601-2-52 requires control functions to be lockable. Hand controls or attendant controls provide the possibility of adjusting and locking the use of specific functions and movements. This is a safety precaution preventing the occurrence of dangerous positions via improper use of the hand control.

Overview of hand control safety features
Get a quick overview here of our standard and optional safety features for hand controls.

Safety features


Safety folder

Different applications need different safety features. Regardless of what healthcare application you are designing, LINAK offers a wide variety of standard and optional safety features.

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