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LINAK has a series of intelligent OpenBus™ control boxes. Apart from being able to coordinate multiple actuators to form complex and precise movement patterns, they include several safety improving features:

Mains indicator

Mains indicator
LINAK control boxes have a mains indicator. This shows care staff that the application is connected to mains, and cannot be moved safely before unplugging the cables. This reduces the risk of damaging the cables. Furthermore, the mains indicator informs via colour code that the system is safe to use.

LINAK control boxes with Switch Mode Power Supply – or SMPS – feature low standby power and offer high output power and efficiency. SMPS supports constant speed regardless of load.
Universal input voltage makes LINAK solutions adaptable to the worldwide market reducing the impact of input voltage fluctuations. This makes it particularly useful in geographic areas with unstable voltage supply.

Power Request
The LINAK OpenBus™ technology platform includes a unique safety concept consisting of two separate circuits - data and power request. Both data and power request need to be active to run a function. This reduces the risk of unintended movement to an extremely low level, increasing the safety of the application.

Electronic Overload Protection – or EOP – is built into the control box. The electronic overload protection circuit monitors this and cuts off the current at a predefined and safe level.

Brake alarm
The LINAK OpenBus™ control boxes have a buzzer, which can be used as a brake alarm. When connected to mains, the system will activate an alarm if the wheels are not braked. This helps prevent damage to, for example, your hospital bed, and it also averts situations where the bed moves as a patient tries to get in or out of it.

Overview of control box safety features
Get a quick overview here of our standard and optional safety features for control boxes.

Safety features


Safety folder

Different applications need different safety features. Regardless of what healthcare application you are designing, LINAK offers a wide variety of standard and optional safety features.

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