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Desk Panel DPI1K

Thank you for using our LINAK® DPI1K Desk Panel.

To help you stay active throughout your working day, your desk is equipped with an intuitive desk panel for easy adjustment. But that is not all; the DPI desk panel has a built-in anti-collision sensor – a smart way to protect your desk from colliding with objects, no matter if you move the desk up or down. Let's get started!


Adjust your desk

Tilt the paddle either up or down to move the desk in the corresponding direction. Release the paddle to stop at your preferred desk height. There you go!


Anti-collision sensor

Your desk panel comes with a built-in anti-collision sensor that protects the desk– both when the desk moves up and down.

Once an obstacle (hard or soft) is detected, movement stops and adjusts in the opposite direction to minimise collision and protect against potential damage to the desk and the colliding object.

See how the anti-collision sensor works.


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LINAK Desk Panel DPI being operated via a gentle tilt by a hand to adjust the electric standing desk placed in a modern office environment. play-icon

Adjust your desk - DPI desk panel series

Modern office equipped with ergonomic adjustable office desks with an anti-collision technology placed in the DPI desk panel mounted underneath the tabletop. Anti-collision solution icon. play-icon

Anti-collision sensor - DPI desk panel series

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