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Easily integrate office desks with customised booking systems

Combine your sit-stand desk with an effective booking system and include both in your next office desk. Efficiency, space optimisation and user-personalisation are the keywords.

Easily integrate office desks with customised booking systems

We all know the sight of a half empty office. Some colleagues are in meetings, some are working from elsewhere, and others are out of town. Office workers today aim for flexible solutions that ease the organisation of their working day. At the same time, their employers are looking for cost-efficient solutions, as office space is expensive.

Easily integrate office desks with customised booking systems

Embracing technology to manage office space

To optimise the use of office space and increase efficiency altogether, the Dutch company DigiBase was looking for a smart digital solution.
Working with fellow dutchmen, GoBright, the Utrecht-based enterprise created a system making it easy for employees to find a vacant desk or meeting room, easier for guests to find out what meeting room to go to, and for the receptionist to always know how to locate employees as well as guests.


To Technology Manager, Frans Wiegersma, this complies with the entire company profile.

“Helping and inspiring companies how to work differently – digitally as well as efficiently – is the very context of DigiBase,” he explains, and underlines that new tech is essential to retain effectivity and efficiency in the workplace.

“For example, if you don’t change anything, a Secretary will be searching all day for a person, for whom a guest is waiting”.

Easily integrate office desks with customised booking systems


LINAK as part of the solution

To DigiBase, the idea behind ‘New ways of working’ includes more than just digitalisation and booking. Wiegersma and his crew asked GoBright to help make a system, that would also connect flawlessly with an  adjustable office desk. This is where LINAK® entered the picture.

“We have decades of experience making movement systems for office desks. As a standard feature our systems are ready for digital integration, as we already offer our own digital interaction solutions, connecting user and desk,” says Bjarke Thomsen, Senior Business Development Manager at LINAK A/S.

Easily integrate office desks with customised booking systems

Easily integrate office desks with customised booking systems


“Combining LINAK hardware with GoBright’s digital solution makes up a system creating adjustment, booking, localisation, improved ergonomics, more efficiency and optimised use of office space and equipment – All-in-one!”


GoBright: Stay in touch with your customer

The rather traditional business model of making a product and then sell it to a customer once will be challenged with systems like the one at DigiBase.

According to GoBright Commercial Director, Chris Wiegeraad, ‘New way of working’ will help manufacturers of office furniture and interior stay in touch with their customer base.

“This software-based business model creates an even closer relationship with your customer. Instead of focussing on selling desks as single units, the desk manufacturer can facilitate the customer for years by, for example, adding more desks to an existing digital office management system and by offering new software-based functions to these digital systems,” he explains and emphasises that their solution is not a static system.

“As it is a scalable system it can be adjusted and customised according to a specific customer. In fact, you can adjust it anytime and anywhere depending on the circumstances – make the system as facilitating as possible”.


Increasing awareness on ‘new ways of working’

Wiegersma and DigiBase call their approach to office digitalisation ‘the new way of working’, and companies from all over the world are now visiting the hub near Utrecht to experience the concept themselves and possibly find a way to implement the solution at home.

“Obviously, the digitalisation of the office space opens ways to new business concepts, through which furniture manufacturers and consuming companies generate more business,” says Wiegersma and points to the fact, that their own solution is tailored specifically to match DigiBase’s needs.

Both GoBright and LINAK® confirm the number of enquiries into digital office desk solutions, similar to ‘New way of working’ is increasing.

Easily integrate office desks with customised booking systems

If you are a manufacturer of office furniture looking to offer your customers a solution for integrating your desks to a booking system, GoBright and LINAK are happy to help you. Our hardware and software solutions are a perfect match and are easy to integrate for you and your customers.

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