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Office trends and why sit-stand desks increase work performance.

Humans were built to move, yet the typical office worker spends most of their day sitting at his or her desk. While physical inactivity is a health risk for the individual, employers have also become increasingly aware of the negative effects on work efficiency and absenteeism among employees. Sit-stand desks can reduce sedentary behaviour significantly, decrease the risk of lifestyle-related diseases and increase employee well-being.

The office environment is changing
Office environments are changing. Today, flexibility is key. As our work becomes more digitalised, our working day becomes smarter and more efficient. Employees work from the office - or from home, desks are shared to save office space, open-space offices support collaboration and silent areas offer spaces for more focused work. Well-designed offices support employee satisfaction and encourage engagement.

Below are some ideas on how you can create an activity-based (ABW) work space, which is all about the presence of design, the sensory experience, behavioural reinforcement and interactive learning.

LINAK office trends

Sit-stand desks are on the move
There is a growing worldwide recognition of the issues of sitting down for the entire day. Public and semi-public institutions are increasingly demanding height-adjustable desks as leading national recommendations are supporting furniture that encourage ergonomics and physical activity. As a result of this overall trend, height-adjustable desks are now included in the selection of most leading office furniture manufacturers. Interior designers are also including these desks in their budget and are in a position to make a case for them.

LINAK office trends

Sick days - a costly affair
Physically inactive behaviour affects the individual office worker, and it hurts the bottom line of employers. A study of a global company of some 6,000 staff, offered all employees sit-stand desks. After just three months, 65 % reported that their well-being had improved by using the adjustable office desk. After six years, the number had risen to 70 %. In the same period, the organisation noticed a significant decrease in the number of sick days.


Return on investment, according to James Levine, Director of Obesity Solutions for the Mayo Clinic and the Arizona State University, the ROI is typically between 3 to 7 US-dollars for 1 dollar invested in workplace interventions, helping people be more active on the job.

LINAK office trends

Sit-stand desks bring movement to the office
Users of sit-stand workstations claim to be more alert, task-driven and positive. Research shows a direct link between healthy employees and improved performance. Meetings are kept short and efficient. Better postures reduce the risk of back pain. Movement boosts energy levels, especially in the afternoons.


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MOVE – Why sit-stand desks increase work performance

Reduce sick days and create a modern office environment with electric sit-stand desks. An attractive investment for employers and their employees.