Rasmus, Sales Graduate

November 2019

26-year-old Rasmus is a trained Cand.negot from University of Southern Denmark. He started as a Sales Graduate at LINAK A/S in the autumn of 2018 and has also been stationed in the Spanish subsidiary. Rasmus is very impressed by the helpfulness that is present in every corner of the company.

Rasmus LINAK A/S

The part of his programme that took place at headquarters focused on a project about a go-to-market strategy for the intelligent bed in the department for Corporate Market Intelligence. During his stationing in Spain he had a lot of very different tasks related to sales and the customers.

Rasmus is very happy for the opportunity to participate in this Graduate Programme: “Being a newly graduate it is a very good way to get into a company. My studies were very broad, which means that I am more of a generalist than a specialist. This is a fantastic opportunity to both learn about and use my tools in different contexts. The rotations between departments has given me a big network of internal colleagues and a better understanding of LINAK – a very important and unique insight in a fast-growing company.”

Stationing in Barcelona

Rasmus really thinks that it has given him some good insights to be working in the Spanish subsidiary: ”Professionally it has meant a lot to me to be “out in the field” for LINAK. It is important for me to understand how the everyday life is in the subsidiaries – it is out here that the daily contact with the customers takes place. After two months here in Spain – with very different tasks – I already feel that I am closer to the heart of the company.”

The everyday life and culture in Spain is very different from Headquarters in Denmark, but there are also certain similarities: “Spain and LINAK A/S are very similar in spite of the fact that we are only 11 employees down here. Even though the cultures are very different, I see a lot of resemblance in our common LINAK culture. The helpfulness and friendliness is very unique. I do not speak Spanish, but despite this it has been very easy to become a part of the daily life – that would not have been the case without such good colleagues! I am always greeted with a smile, no matter who I meet or ask for help.”

Help is at hand

As a part of the Graduate Programme at LINAK two mentors are allocated to you. According to Rasmus that has meant a lot: ”It is important to be able to get both professional and personal feedback. When I am in a new department – or a new country – with new colleagues, it is nice to know that your mentors are only one call away.”

The helpfulness he has met throughout the company has given him great value: “As a “non-technical-graduate” it has been a process to understand all the technical aspects in our production and systems. But with this many helpful colleagues it has only been a question about having the courage to ask when I have been in doubt – both at LINAK A/S and in Spain. That is one of the absolute strengths in LINAK; we have a culture where we really help each other.”