Natascha, Operations Graduate

September 2020

Natascha is an engineer and started her graduate position at LINAK in January 2020. She has a Master of Engineering within Operations Management – Global Supply Chain Development and a Bachelor of Engineering in Integrated Design. Natascha has experienced great demand for her skills at LINAK and is very proud of the trust and responsibility she has been shown from the very beginning.

Natascha, Operations Graduate

When Natascha started her programme in January 2020 her first project was “The digital cell (version 2.0)”. As she describes: “Previously a pilot project has run on the digital cell (version 1.0), which was about making the production cell paperless and at the same time being a tool for the production. All printed and whiteboard based entities run digitally on screens and are updated with real time data via our “digital cell application”. The digital cell provided efficient results in terms of functionality but seen from a digital perspective the architecture was a spaghetti diagram. The purpose with the digital cell (version 2.0) was to build the right architecture behind our “digital cell”.”

The project with the digital cell offered a lot of tasks for Natascha. She was involved in project management, selection of external supplier and cooperation with both external supplier and internal colleagues across the organisation. Furthermore, she has obtained a vast amount of new knowledge about technology, software, hardware, production, data and people.

It is all about being ready for change

After this project Natascha actually started on a new project, but things went differently: “Before I really got started with the new project, there was a demand for me somewhere else. I see this as a part of the game – to be adaptable and ready for change are classic LINAK values.”

Now Natascha is in Supply Chain working on a project to create an overview of the MES layers within detailed planning, execution and flow of goods in the production. After this there are more projects in the pipeline for her: “We decide on the exact order of the projects along the way, depending on when they create the most value. That also gives me the opportunity to make my own mark on the projects that will run. One LINAK value is to be open to creativity and if you have an idea for a relevant project, that might as well be the next project in the pipeline.”

A steep learning curve

Natascha has learned a lot since she started: “To list what I have learned the last 8 months would take all afternoon. In short, my learning curve has been steep, VERY steep. I have gotten a lot of new knowledge within many fields – and furthermore I know myself much better now. What my interests are and the importance of being true to myself and my team all the way.”

When it comes to learning she has also been able to benefit greatly from her two mentors, both the professional and the personal one. Both have helped with feedback and guidance.

Something that has meant a great deal to Natascha is that she has been given the chance to make her own experiences: “When I have been granted a project we have walked through it together, I have gotten some guidelines and it has been made sure that I had all the bricks for the foundation at hand. How I chose to build the house has been something I had to figure out myself. Of course, I have had feedback sessions along the way but it has been me running the show. That level of trust and responsibility in independently getting to drive local as well as global projects is something I am very proud of.”

To be a Graduate at LINAK

When Natascha started at LINAK, she spend one of the first weeks working in the production: “It is an advantage to have an understanding of what the company produces, when creating innovative solutions for the future. The easiest way to learn this is to get hands-on and try to make the product yourself.”

According to Natascha you should not be fooled by the Graduate title: “To someone it might sound like a student job or a 2-year scheduled education programme as you know it from university. But in reality, you are hired as a Project Engineer, who gets a lot of experience in a very short period of time by working with different kinds of projects. You can say that it is a programme in the sense that projects, workspaces and maybe courses are mapped out for you in a two year period to make sure that the level of ambition is high and the learning curve is steep. LINAK puts a lot of effort in developing you both professionally and personally, so that you after the two years are a top tuned employee.”